Talion, the new MMORPG

 Talion - the next MMORPG of Korean publisher GAMEVIL - has been launched in  Japan and a few South East Asian countries on both Android and iOS systems, and now it is open for pre-registration in Australia to prepare for the soft launch here.

Talion A New Mobile Mmorpg Pre Registration In Aus
Characters in the game

First revealed of the game was at the Unity Unite conference in Los Angeles in 2016. At that time, the name "Talion" was not disclosed, and it was only known as Project One - a project developed on the Unity platform.

Talion, a beautiful game

 Talion is very beautiful with amazing graphics, and it has a strong touch on big PVP battles. 

Talion A New Mobile Mmorpg Pre Registration In Aus

Talion A New Mobile Mmorpg Pre Registration In Aus
Beautiful battles

With Talion, players will get a chance to immerse in a gorgeous open world with realistic 360-degree views and perform missions on a large battlefield. And of course, you can always team up with other players for some company on the road.

Players can choose from 3 well-designed characters. Additionally, you can customize the characters' appearance with many tools to edit the details of their faces and bodies. In brief, customization is an attractive point of the game, you will be given the opportunity for your imagination to go wild and change everything from the hairstyle to the makeup of your character.

Talion A New Mobile Mmorpg Pre Registration In Aus
Army battle mode

Talion possesses a wide variety of multiplayer modes,  such as 5v5 capture the flag or 20v20 base defend . The game also has a Realm vs Realm (RvR) mode, in which two sides of up to 50 players each will enter a race to see who can defeat the monsters as well as the Boss first.

This new MMORPG is up for grab now in Japan and the whole of Southeast Asia, so if you from those countries - go wild. And if you instead happen to be Australian, sign up for the pre-registration now. Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates of a possible global release.