Pretty much exactly a month ago, we reported that the mobile version of Terraria will be getting online multiplayer with the upcoming update 1.3. Now, we finally have a specific release date for this update as well as more information on the specs required for it on Android and iOS. Additionally, check out the video below to see the online multiplayer of Terraria mobile in action:

Version 1.3 actually arrived on PC 4 years ago already, and it will finally be making its way to mobile next week on the 27th of August. If you’re using an Android device, it should have at least Android 4.3, 1.5 GB of RAM, and Open GL ES 3.0 if you want to play on Large Worlds at the highest graphics settings. Something like a Galaxy S7 or Oneplus 5 will work wonderfully. If you just simply want to run the game and get the update, then you only need 1 GB of RAM, although other requirements will stay the same.

Terraria 1 768x427
The update will become available next week on August 27th.

On iOS, on the other hand, you’ll need a device with an A7 or later and 1.5 GB of RAM at minimum to play with the highest graphics settings. The developer lists the iPhone 6S and iPad Air 2 as example pff devices that will be able to run the game smoothly.

Another thing to note is that the multiplayer on Terraria mobile will be rather tricky to set up. Basically, for it to work, one person will need to become the host, and others who want to join will have to manually enter the IP address and port of the host, as well as a password if one is set. Check out our previous coverage on this topic as well as the official Terraria forum for more information.

Terraria 2 768x429
Online multiplayer is rather tricky to set up, but it's worth the trouble

Update 1.3 will be the first update that Terraria mobile has received in the past 3 years or so, and it will be available completely for free if you already own the base game on your Android and iOS device. We are excited to see what it has to offer, so stay tuned for more update!