If you love a good MOBA, DOTA 2 and League of Legends are probably the two biggest names in the genre right now. However, if you have a tight schedule and can’t afford sitting at a computer playing matches that last 30-40 minutes each, then mobile is also a solid platform with many cool offerings for you to enjoy.

Vainglory Gameplay
If you love MOBAs but don't have time to play on PC, mobile is also a solid option

If you don’t know which game you should pick up, below is a list of what we consider the best titles in the genre on mobile. Hopefully it’ll help you make your decision. Let’s take a look:

Best MOBA games on Android 2020


Vainglory is without question the best MOBA you can get on Android right now. Even though the game has been around for ages, it has clearly stood the test of time with regular updates adding tons of new content such as additional gameplay and heroes. If you just want the best, download Vainglory right now.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is an effort from Tencent to emulate League of Legends on mobile. Unfortunately, things did not really work out and the company has stopped supporting the game. That said, it is still going with a small but dedicated company, so if you want something a little different, this is still a title worth checking out.

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved offers a sizable collection of more than 50 heroes to choose from, which even include popular real-world figures such as Bruce Lee. There are also several different play modes, plenty of gear to customize your characters, and the best part: Pay to win isn’t a thing.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos is yet another title with a long history as it launched all the way back in 2012 following the original Order & Chaos MMORPG. It just got a remaster, however, so don’t worry that it’ll lag behind its more recent competitors.

Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena is a pretty new offering from NetEase. As its name suggests, the game is set in the same universe as Onmyoji, which is a gacha RPG released earlier also by NetEase.  It features an awesome visual style inspired by Asian mythology and even includes a battle royale mode in which 3 teams of 3 fight for supremacy.

Mobile Legends

To be honest, MOBA is not a genre where there is a lot of room for innovation as the formula is pretty much set in stone. However, one thing about Mobile Legends worth mentioning is that it allows your character to be taken over by AI if you somehow lose connect in the middle of a match. Of course, you’ll be able to retake the driver’s wheel when you reconnect.

Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike is a special entry in this list because unlike the others we’ve mentioned above, it is more of a hero shooter. The game features 15 characters from the Paladins universe as well as various modes to enjoy.