In a dying world where every sign of life is disappearing, you come across a portal to a new world with hopes to brings life back. That's the concept of Gatewalker - the newest game from developer A2 Softworks.

The special things about this game are that you'll take part in the isometric journey with your teammate, defend yourself from the unwelcoming creatures here in the skill-based combats system that actually looks like a MOBA game. It includes the HUDs, the spell-casting navigation, as well as the miss mechanics!

Below is the reveal trailer of the game, which you can have a look to catch a vibe of surviving in a dying world:

The concept of Gatewalkers

As I've mentioned, Gatewalkers takes the settings of a fictional world, where life in every being is coming to its end. Water has dried out, the soil has turned into grim yellow sand, causing the plants to die as well. Humankind is on the verge of extinction in this situation, but suddenly comes a magical event.

One survivor has come across a magical gate-like device, and one brave person decided to travel through the portal. After a while, he came back with a living plant, affirming that people can find hopes of resurrecting their world on the other side of the portal.

Gatewalkers Pc Alpha Q2 Q3 2020 7
The Gates brought new hope for the survivors in the dying world

Now gather all of the heroes of the land, they'll have to make their way through an unknown world, fighting unknown creatures here, and bring the life back to their beloved home. They're called the Gatewalkers!

Gameplay features

Gatewalkers is an isometric survival game at its core, but it has many more outstanding elements from other genres in its skin as well. To be more specific, you'll choose from a few Gatewalkers and head to the other side of the magical gate to find a way to save their own world. Every Gatewalkers are basically the same at first, since there is no class or race system, but each character's playstyle will change based on what you equip to them.

'You're what you wear' - that's the motto of the developer A2 Softworks when priming their game. In detail, all equipment like armor, braces, and especially weapons have their own stats, which enhanced your character in their own way. Magical staffs allow you to blow powerful magic attacks, while swords, axes, and shields are more suitable for a close-up fight.

Gatewalkers Pc Alpha Q2 Q3 2020 1
Become whatever you want by wearing different sets of equipment

Even better, as you also have the ability to craft the equipment yourself. Fighting and surviving in the hostile worlds, you will gain resources and materials to make your own items. However, you cannot just craft it anywhere, but have to find a crafting station or build it for your own. It's quite inefficient at first, but you'll be able to use them right away after the equipment was crafted.

Gatewalkers Pc Alpha Q2 Q3 2020 4
Build your own crafting sites to make use of the materials right away

And that's when the fun begins. Bringing your weapons and potentially your teammate out of your safe zone, you'll explore the ever-changing worlds with a wide range of hostile native creatures. Then, the combats begin, as you'll make use of your skills and weapons to stand alive against hordes of enemies.

The special thing about this is the special-aiming mechanics, as if you don't carefully time and place your attacks, everything can miss. At the same time, you can also dodge enemies attacks as well by positioning yourself in the right place. Overall, Gatewalkers is a team-based game, so don't forget to cover your team when they're in need.

Gatewalkers Pc Alpha Q2 Q3 2020 3
Skills can be missed in this game since there is no auto-aiming system

Last but not least, apart from fighting enemies, you'll spend most of the remaining time surviving against severe weather conditions. The game takes into account many survival elements like atmosphere, water redundancy as well as temperature, so you'll have to keep an eye on the resources needed for surviving.

Gatewalkers Pc Alpha Q2 Q3 2020 6
Stay warmth together in severe weather conditions

Release date and supported platforms

A2 Softworks planned to release Gatewalkers at an unknown date in 2020, but it's welcoming players to take part in their Early Access. It will happen around Q2/Q3 2020, and if you're interested in the game, stay tuned to Gurugamer to receive the latest update.

Gatewalkers Pc Alpha Q2 Q3 2020 2
Gatewalkers is coming out on Steam Early Access in Q2/Q3 2020