Back at the start of this month, Bohemia Interactive has surprised players by releasing Ylands - a sandbox survival game with a feature-rich editor that allows people to create their own world and challenges. Even though it still has a long road to go before catching up with popular titles like Minecraft and Roblox, the developer is making progress rapidly.

In an effort spread the game to a wider public, the developer has launched the game for both Android and iOS, which means mobile gamers can now have fun surviving on an island while exploring other player-created worlds on the go. And to celebrate the mobile launch, Ylands has also turned into a Free-to-Play game on Steam as well!

You can see the trailer for PC launch of Ylands below to see what you can do in this game:

Overview on Ylands

Bohemia Interactive is the one behind the extremely famous recently game DayZ, and also the ARMA series as well. And now, they're back with Ylands with the same level of ambition. According to the developer, Ylands is a "sandbox adventure survival game", where you'll take control of your character surviving on exotic islands, where you'll have to make use of your creativity to survive.

Ylands Free To Play Pc Mobile Launch 7
Ylands takes you into a wild island with ... a flying elephant?

Basically, it's the lo-fi version of Minecraft and ARK combined, as the game packs more than just a survival game. To be more specific, the game features a set of magical islands, where you can dive in with the Explore mode. The maps here feature tons of biomes with every detail carefully designed with Unity Engine, so you can expect it to looks very close to life.

To be more specific, your task here is to find a way to survive - collecting resources, crafting necessary items, fighting against hostile enemies and admire the beauty of nature. The crafting system in this game is not as complicated as Minecraft, but it's more than enough and even friendlier for explorers to get used to.

Ylands Free To Play Pc Mobile Launch 8
Fight every enemy standing on your way to conquering this island

Build your own world and gain money

Apart from the Explore mode, players can also enjoy facilitating their creativity to its best through the Create mode. There, the developer gives you a powerful editor with a lot of tools, allowing you to create your own world, and put your challenges there. You can create a racing tournament, a tower-ascending RPG game or even an action-adventure game as well.

Ylands Free To Play Pc Mobile Launch 4
A Metroidvania game is not a bad idea either!

You can enjoy the world you've created by yourself, but it doesn't sound very fun. Instead, you can share it with the community so that other players can admire your creative works. At the same time, you can have fun exploring other player's worlds, joining their unique competitions as well.

Ylands Free To Play Pc Mobile Launch 3
Share your creations with the community, as the maps created by PC is usable on mobile and vice versa

Your creation will not be there only for the sake of endless entertainment, but also to help you get money as well. In detail, you can gain in-game currency Coyns by requiring players to pay to use your world, which might end up helping you swimming in money. It can't be exchanged into real money, but it allows you to get into every world you want in the game.

Ylands Free To Play Pc Mobile Launch 5
Monetize your creation to swim in Coyns

Furthermore, Bohemian confirmed that the worlds created by the PC version are compatible with the mobile version, which means you have access to a ton of worlds!

Supported platforms

Ylands is now completely free-to-play on PC, Android, and iOS. Of course, there will be some microtransactions that will give you Coyns, but that's completely optional, and you can gain money through other ways like just playing the game to complete some missions and create your own world.