Roblox has just reached a new milestone of 100 million monthly active users, officially surpassed Minecraft, the famous world-building crafting game.

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online and game creation system platform in which you can create your own games or play the games created by other people. The game was released for PC and console all the way back in 2006.

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Roblox reached 100 million monthly players

“Roblox began with just 100 players and a handful of creators who inspired one another, unlocking this groundswell of creativity, collaboration, and imagination that continues to grow,” CEO David Baszucki said in a recent interview.

The game wasn't a big hit at first, but slow and steady, the user base just grew every day from the first few loyal players and creators. And now, players around the world spend more than 1 billion hours every month with up to 50 games created by users. Roblox also lets creators make game passes, which are one-time purchase contents and microtransactions to support developers. A part of the profit from selling these items will be split between the developer and the company.

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You can create any game you want using the platform

When compared with Minecraft, Roblox seems to be less popular lately because of all the famous Youtuber like PewdiePie or Jacksepticeye are playing Minecraft. Also, Minecraft just added new tools like ray tracing, which causes a number of old players to come back. Nonetheless, Minecraft still only has  91 million monthly players, less than Roblox.

Minecraft Earth Beta Seattle London
Minecraft Earth is coming later this year

However, this situation might change soon as Minecraft Earth will be soon released later this year and help Minecraft surpass Roblox.

Minecraft Earth is an upcoming augmented reality game on smartphones, based on Minecraft. The game lets you bring Minecraft into the real world and freely express your creativity in a brand new way.  A closed beta of Minecraft Earth is currently available for iOS for free.