Mixing some elements of certain genres into the original games is the modern trend of video games now, as we've seen a lot of hybrids recently. But to the extent of bringing six classic genres to a game, no one is as crazy as the developer Digital Continue with their latest title - SuperMash!

I can't find a better word to describe this game rather than a bonker. If all of those genres alone still lies in your expectation, SuperMash lets you combine two random ones from them to create the extraordinary games that are out of its universe. Maybe it will not only scratch your itches of an imaginative game but also inspire you to create one in real life!

But let's not get too ahead of ourself, and see this trailer of the SuperMash first:

The concept of SuperMash

Not a fantasy world, not a futuristic cyberpunk world, SuperMash will put you into an ordinary game shop of your sister - Jume. The only thing extraordinary in her shop is a mysterious PlayType machine that is posing a huge threat to her store. Don't have enough experience in the gaming world, Jume need the help from you - her brother Tomo to help her out.

Supermash Pc Epic Games Store 7
Control Tomo to help your sister to run her game shop

In order to save the shop from this evil danger, Tomo has to use his talent to create the most unique new game to satisfy their customers. It's only possible by combining the iconic genres such as platformer, RPG and the wild Dev Cards to customize in-game content.

What will Tomo create to save his sister's game shop? Let the game decide!

Gameplay features

SuperMash's story sounds quite vague, but it's not the point that the developer wants you to focus on. Instead, the gameplay of SuperMash is what will separate it from every other game in the industry. We can call SuperMash a genre-less game, as it will let you create multiple in-game video games called 'Mashes' that contain the elements from almost all of the classic genres in the industry.

Supermash Pc Epic Games Store 1
Combining two random genres to create Mashes

To be more specific, in the beginning, the game provides you with six original genres, including JRPG, Stealth, Shoot 'em Up, Action-Adventure, Platformer, and Metroidvania. Your task is to combine random two genres from this pool to create a brand new game. Those two can either be different or be the same, so you can choose whatever combination you want.

With a simple math calculation, there are totally 21 distinctive games you can create using those ingredients. However, that's not all this game can provide, as the developer Digital Continue promised that more genres will be announced in early 2020. From the trailer, you can already how many types of games you can blend into: either turn-based JRPG or platforming stealthily with sci-fi characters!

Supermash Pc Epic Games Store 2
More genres to blend will come in the future, so the potentials are endless

Adding more to this universe of creations, each game will have three difficulties that will satisfy all of the customers - from the most demanding veterans to the non-experienced newcomers. And if even that can't make them happy, you still have the last resort: the Dev Cards. They're the wild factors of this game, providing you the ability to bring things that should not be in the game together.

Supermash Pc Epic Games Store 6
You'll earn more Dev Cards by completing the Mashes

For example, you can add a laser gun to a medieval JRPG, bring Ice Golems into a shooter, and there are many crazy things you can do with those cards. And as the amateur developer yourself, the games you created will still have some bugs and glitches, which you can make use of to change the way you play.

Supermash Pc Epic Games Store 6
You can use Glitches to tilt the whole map - for example

Last but not least, you can save your newly-created games and share them with your friends to challenge them. This is possible thanks to the MASH Code system, which will together form a video game containing exactly everything you've packed in if your friends open it.

Release date and supported platforms

In short, SuperMash is an extraordinary game that encourages you to think out of the box and is fun to play either alone or with friends.

Supermash Pc Epic Games Store 5
SuperMash is now available for PC, consoles versions come in 2020

The game is now available on PC via Epic Games Store, and you can get it with the price of $24.99. PS4, Xbox One and Switch players will be able to get this game in early 2020 as well.