Back in this June, the developer Gamera Interactive has revealed the story of their most ambitious game - Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. They branded it as the 'very first souls-like isometric RPG ever created', and made a lot of efforts to make this game a tough contestant in the genre.

However, they've been struggling to find a suitable publisher since, and not until last week did they find one. All in! Games - the developer behinds a lot of successful indie games such as Tools Up! or Daymare: 1998 will help Gamera Interactive to publish Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms, and the game will come out for PC players in 2020!

Below is the story trailer that came out in June and the official reveal trailer showcasing several gameplay features of the game, which you can have a look at:

The story of Alaloth: The Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Alaloth: The Champions of the Four Kingdoms takes the settings of a dark fantasy world, where four races of humans, elves, dwarfs, and orcs live happily together in their four kingdoms next to each other. However, things changes forever after the war of gods ended with the final victory of the biggest betrayal - the wicked god Alaloth.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 9
Alaloth is the wicked god that brought devastating wars to the world of mundane

Alaloth wants chaos in more than just the world of gods, so he brought it down to the world of mundane. To be more specific, the Four Kingdoms including The Fangs of Kemot - the kingdom of dwarfs on the northeast, the Goldwood Forest and The Republic of Larastir - the kingdom of elves on the northwest, The Blessed Realm of Edherest - the kingdom of humans on the southeast and the Desolation of Baga - the kingdom of orcs on the Southwest that used to join hands against every looming threat, now turned their fist against each other.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 10
The continuous wars threaten the exists of the Four Kingdoms

Alaloth has spread his evil throughout the Valley with the help of his worshipper performing dark rituals. As a result, dangerous creatures like dragons and beasts have come back to the land after disappearing for a long time for their fault. Even worse, they're not the only things destroying the peace, but also the widespread wars between kingdoms as well.

Now, the fate of the mundane world lies in the hands of the champions - the brave warriors from virtue houses in all four kingdoms. Together, they'll have to set their houses' conflicts aside and fight their way to defeat Alaloth and his worshiping pantheon.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 11
The fate of the land falls in the hands of the Champions

Key features

Many of us play Dark Souls not for the story but for the gameplay, but things are going to be different with Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms, as you'll be amazed at both how deep the story of this game is and how intriguing its combats are.

Firstly, you can choose your champions from four races - Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs. Additionally, you can customize the classes and the outlooks of your characters as well, so you can create whatever champion that fits you the most - both visually and playstyle-wise. That's very important since that character will go with you through the whole game.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 4
You can customize your characters both visually and functionally

After the character-creating phases, the game will put you into isometric adventures through the procedurally-generated world. You'll mainly explore this world through ranges of quests, which will grant you equipment, EXP and reputation. After finishing the main quests, defeating Alaloth and get through the whole story, you can start to write your own tale!

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 6
Complete ranges of quests to gets golds, EXP and reputations

That's where the game starts to shine with its Souls-like combats. To be more specific, you'll not have to fight against hordes of enemies in which you can just get through by smashing buttons, but will only have to fight against one or two foes but in tough battles. Learning how they attack, and deciding when to strike back is the key to lead you to the final victory.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 12
Experience Souls-like combats in isometric viewpoint

You'll have to carefully make use of your skillset, including executions, mutilations, and many other moves to get through ranges of creatures - from small monsters to huge dragons. And either way, they can send you back to your checkpoint if you lose your focus, and you'll lose your loots as a result. If you die, that location will spawn a grave, where you can revisit to claim your loots back.

Pick your fight wisely!

The grave mechanics require you to pick your fight in a favorable location - just like how you retrieve your soul point in Dark Souls games. Your loots will not stay there to wait for you to reclaim either, as someone might come across them and get what you've been desperately saving. Or you can just lose them by dying before getting them back, it's that simple.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 2
Revisit your graves to get your items back

Adding more difficulties into the battles, Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms doesn't allow you to use every loot you get on your way. Your inventory might have enough space for a two-hand sword, a one-hand sword, and a shield but more than that is impossible. Hence, you can't just store 4 or more armors or weapons in your bag, and carrying too much will take the space for your potions. And potions is not a thing that you can leave at home for battles.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 7
Your inventory is only viable for certain amount of items

Luckily, you can invite up to three more friends locally to fight alongside you. With friends, not only your fights will be a lot easier with tanks or healers, but also you can carry more loots as well. In case you don't have anyone to play with, AI-controlled companions with different backstories will help you a lot with your journey.

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 1
Meets a lot of characters to explore the backstory of them and of this world

Through endless adventure, you'll gain reputations for not only you but also your houses as well. There are more than 40 houses with distinctive elements and codes for you to fight for, which adds a whole lot of replayability to the already content-rich game. All of the lore and background stories of this game comes from the brain of Chris Avellone (the legendary RPG creator of Star Trek, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Dying Light), so you can expect a lot out of Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms!

Alaloth Champions Of The Four Kingdoms 3
The story of this game comes from the legends RPG creator - Chris Avellone

Release date and supported platforms

Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms will come out for Xbox One and PC via Steam on an unknown date in 2020.

Stay tuned to Gurugamers for more updates on this masterpiece.