According to a new listing on the App Store, the Souls-like action game Pascal's Wager looks like it’s going to launch next year on the 16th of January and is already available for pre-order right now. However, the official website of the game still lists the Android version as “coming soon”, so it seems Android users will have to wait until a later date than that before they can get their hands on the game.

We first reported on the game all the way back in November last year and have been very intrigued by it ever since. Then back in August, several new details about the game were revealed at the ChinaJoy event, further intensifying the hype. So you can tell how excited we are at this new information. Check out a trailer for Pascal’s Wager below:

The game promises to deliver a 20-plus-hour campaign at launch, which will put as much emphasis on the story as the core gameplay itself. The developer also has post-release plans for its title too, so we can expect a DLC or additional game modes further down the line.

Pascals Wager 1024x513
The game will allegedly feature a length campaign. Additional content is also promised in post-launch updates!

Of course, our primary concern remains how well the controls will work on a touchscreen. Fortunately, Pascal’s Wager will come with support for controllers at launch, so even if the touch controls are insufficient, there is a way to work around that. Yes, it kind of defeats the purpose of a mobile game, which is to allow its players to pick up and enjoy the experience at any given time, but if the gameplay is truly good, then we are down for any alternative available.

Pascals Wager Ios Screenshot Boss Fight
It remains to be seen how well the controls will work on the touch screen

As mentioned, Pascal's Wager looks like it’s coming to the App Store on January 16th, 2020. It’ll be a premium game that costs £6.99 (Rs 635).