For a long time, fans of Cat Quest 2 were quite worried that the game might never make it to mobile, as all of the news and updates until recently show that the game will have a high focusing on PC and console. 

It turns out that we will get to enjoy Cat Quest 2 after all, as developer Gentle Bros has confirmed that it'll be part of Apple Arcade, which will be out on 19th September. To celebrate this, The Gentlebros releases THREE new trailers, displaying the game's iOS version in action.

Here are the trailers of Cat Quest 2. Let's check them out!

Embark on an adventure across this colorful realm
Battle against countless foes
Explore dangerous dungeons

If you are already familiar with the original Cat Quest, then you know that it has tons of cat puns hidden all over the place. And in this sequel, we can experience more with dogs in the mix, as this upcoming game will see cats and dogs teaming up to fend off a common threat and save the realm.

Cat Quest 2 1
Cat Quest 2 will be out on the Apple Arcade - a brand-new subscription service of Apple that will have a price of 4.99$ (Rs 350) per month with a free trial for one month.

Besides, it seems that Cat Quest 2 will include all the fascinating combat and dungeon exploration that made the original grate. However, in this sequel, players will experience a brand-new story in new worlds.

Cat Quest 2 2
Cat Quest 2 is a worthy game to experience in this autumn.

We were super excited when we first heard about Cat Quest 2 back in May, so you can imagine our eagerness right now. Meanwhile, if you have not played the original yet, now would be a good time to do so. The game was highly praised for its cute theme, bright graphics, and fun action. You can find it available for download on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store.