Coming from France-based developer Kalank, TokoToko is an AR puzzle game in which you try to solve puzzles by drawing objects on paper. The in-game characters will then interact with the things you draw to overcome obstacles. It's scheduled to launch next month for iOS, with an Android version planned for 2020. Check out a trailer for the game below:

An example of this mechanic given by the developer is drawing a boat so our protagonist Hako, a cute blue cat with oversized eyes, can cross a river. The concept is kind of similar to Scribblenauts except that you’ll be drawing instead of writing to solve puzzles.

Of course, drawing isn’t everything here. Sometimes you’ll need to interact with the game in other ways as well if you want to overcome the problem at hand. For instance, in order for the boat to move, you need to blow on the screen to create wind. It’s a really cool prospect and we are intrigued to see how well it works in practice.

Draw objects to help Hako overcome obstacles

The story, meanwhile, revolves around the Tokotokos – animal figures with a strong interest in art. It mostly follows the journey of Hako as the cat strives to become a better artist. The developer promises that this will be “a heart-warming coming of age tale” in which you will use your drawing skills to help the Tokotokos escape from the Writer's Block that they are trapped inside.

Tokotoko Ar Game Creativity Screenshot Gameplay Ip
The story follows the journey of Hako, who is striving to become a better artist

TokoToko will be an episodic title with the initial 3 set to launch on the 3rd of October on the App Store as a premium app that costs $2.99 (Rs 210). Android users, however, will have to wait until sometime next year if they want to experience this cute AR puzzle game.