You can already tell what kind of game AR Tanks is just by looking at its name. Yes, it’s a mobile game featuring tanks and augmented reality elements. With this, you can engage in tank battles pretty much anywhere by simply setting up a virtual tabletop. So, if you feel like your desk could use some armored vehicles running on top of it, then you can head over to the App Store to pick up AR Tanks right now.

AR Tanks trailer

The control scheme of this game is pretty straightforward. You use a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move your tank around, while on the right side are 2 other buttons for firing and switching weapons. Meanwhile, you’ll have to physically move your phone in order to aim.

Ar Tanks Ios Gameplay
The controls are pretty straightforward

Of course, since this is an augmented reality experience, you are free to walk around the battlefield you've created and look at it from any angle you like. This means unless you're playing on a really big scale, you can turn the game into a top-down shooter if you want just by standing up, which is incredibly awesome.

As you play, you'll gradually be able to unlock more parts, which you can then use to upgrade your tank. There are also various colors and even an UFO-like skin to customize its look to your liking.

Ar Tanks Ios Featured
Plenty of options to customize your tank

At it is right now, AR Tanks offers several modes for you to try out, including a story campaign that spans across 40 levels, a survival mode in which you must try to last as long as you can against waves after waves of enemy tanks, and randomly-generated challenges to keep the game fresh.

AR Tanks is now available on the App Store as a premium release that will set you back £2.99 (Rs 260) if you want to grab it.