Released in April, Reality Clash an extremely ambitious AR game that combines intense cover-based shooting with weapon collecting and exploration elements. Now, the developer has revealed what it plans for the game in the next 12 months, promising to deliver a new game mode, new ways to play, and more impressive weapon creation options. If you have not heard of Reality Clash before, check out our previous coverage as well as the trailer included below to have an idea of what it’s like:

Ever since its release, the game has received plenty of updates adding tons of new content including new items to collect, new gameplay modes, and various quality-of-life improvements such as better character customization options. Looking toward into the future, you can expect to see more features such as base building, capture the flag, battle royale, and even major tournaments in which you can put a bounty on someone’s head or take on the role of the bounty hunter yourself. Additionally, there will also be a new weapon creation platform where you can create your own guns to sell to others.

Reality Clash Ar
There will be a new weapon creation platform where you can create your own guns

One particularly interesting prospect is the addition of non-violent modes, such as an AR graffiti that allows you to… decorate various locations in your neighborhood. It’s a nice idea that provides a change of pace and gives players a break from all the frantic shooting.

Also coming soon are a tower defense mode where you are tasked with protecting a high-priority territory at all cost, as well as a major mode called Reality Clash: The Hunted, in which you literally become Jason Bourne and other players will set out to hunt you down.

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Reality Clash: The Hunted is an upcoming game mode in which everyone will try to hunt you down

The future is looking bright for Reality Clash, so if you are not already playing it, now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon. The game is now available on both Google Play and the App Store.