During the past couple of GDCs, developer Reality Gaming Group has been teasing a new game titled Reality Clash. If you want a short phrase that sums up this upcoming title, then it’s probably “Pokémon GO meets Call of Duty." It’s an AR game that has you exploring your real world and engage in battles against other players. However, this time, instead of sending out Pokémon to carry out your orders, you will be doing the fighting yourself with a wide collection of cool weaponry.

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Reality Clash is an AR shooting game

Reality Clash entered the beta testing phase in late 2018 and was later soft-launched in certain regions in January. And now, it has been officially released in the UK with a worldwide coming soon. Check out the trailer to get an idea of what Reality Clash is all about.

The most interesting thing is that Reality Clash actually builds a virtual battleground for you to fight in. Think of it as kind of a virtual laser tag arena. This means you won’t have to find physical, real-world buildings or other objects to cover behind, everything is virtual. That said, the actual battle plays out in an incredibly real way. For example, you must really move your body and duck down to hide behind a virtual barrier. As a result, the gunfights are extremely immersive and satisfying.

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You will have to physically engage in this game

Another cool feature is that, even though Reality Clash puts a strong focus on face-to-face interaction, it also allows players to connect with others through the internet and play together even if they are on two opposite sides of the world. You’ll still be in your real-world location and your opponent will still be in theirs, but you both will be transported into the same virtual arena to face off against each other. The concept is just incredibly awesome.

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Connect through the internet to fight people from other parts of the world

As mentioned, Reality Clash has just launched in the UK and is available on both Android and iOS. It will probably make its way to other parts of the world in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates.