Khudziy Yura has become a phenomenon in the PUBG Mobile community with his incredible story of becoming a PUBG Mobile streamer, YouTuber with his deformability since he was born. His story has a great impact on everyone as he overcomes his own difficulty and pursues his dream. You can watch the video made by PUBG Mobile about his life below.

Khudziy Yura is a 17-year-old Ukraine PUBG Mobile streamer, content creator. He has been playing  PUBG Mobile for 10 months. He has this rare disease when he was born that lost him his two hands and destroyed the skin on his face. However, the brave teenager has never complained about his disadvantage and was only focusing on learning how to deal with his problems.

Pubgm Inspirational Story From Ukraine Passion 2ge
Khudziy Yura was born with no hands

Khudziy Yura has never gone to school once as he was homeschool by his parent so he didn't have any school friends. But in PUBG Mobile, he can meet a lot of people who would talk, chat, and befriend him. Some even call, text him out of the game, which makes Khudziy Yura really happy.

Pubgm Inspirational Story From Ukraine Passion 2ge
He edits his own video

With the help of his father, Khudziy Yura spent 3 days to set up his gear to stream PUBG Mobile and make videos on his own. Since he started this career, he has been received a lot of support from other PUBG Mobile streamers from all around the world when they found out about him. His family is also happier and they can talk more to him and have fun by playing PUBG Mobile with him.

Khudziy is truly a great man and I wish him the best for his career of being a PUBG Mobile content creator.

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