Making its debut in Japan in July 2018, the King of Fighters All-Star is finally going to the West. Today, the developer Netmarble has unveiled that the game will be brought globally soon. To be more specific, this action-RPG will be published in Europe, Latin America, and North America within this year on the Google Play Store.

1The story mode of The King Of Fighters All-Star is very extensive, with more than twenty chapters, divided into different levels.

On account of the fact that King of Fighter All-Star is already out in the Japanese market for quite a time, we can easily get its main idea of the gameplay through some review videos.

A video introducing its gameplay

The game is mainly an action role-playing game, despite the fact that most of the gameplay feature scenes similar to what you would see in a side-scrolling beat ‘em up. But what mobile action RPG would be complete if it doesn't have a gacha mechanic? It is believed that the upcoming release will introduce all character in the franchise, which is more than 50 fighters for players to collect and upgrade. The game are supposed to fight a great number of enemies, rival teams and of course, giant bosses to get their chances to build up the greatest fighter team.

2The side-scrolling beat ‘em up

As for now, no official price is published on how much the in-app purchases would charge. However, if the Western version follows a similar price rate as the Japanese version, the players can expect in-app purchases that can go as high as $79.99 (Rs 5500).

For hardcore fans of the game, they may find it interesting to try to collect all of the characters in the franchise. Nevertheless, since the world of collection-based games has been increased largely these days, they would easily lose their excitement over time.