Deus Ex is one of the famous game series in the world of gaming. The PC and console version is a cyberpunk-themed action role-playing game. It incorporates elements of the first-person shooter with RPG gameplay.  Ion Storm Inc. developed the Deus Ex and later Eidos Interactive published it in 2000.

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Deus Ex is an award-winning game

Set in the gloomy 2052, Deus Ex takes the player into the story of JC Denton, a rookie agent of the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. His mission is to combat terrorist forces, which have become uncontrollable in an increasingly chaotic world. PC Gamer crowned Deus Ex  "The best PC game of all time" in the Top 100 PC Gamer rankings. Not only did the game make it into the list, it even won 40 "Game of the Year" titles. The game sold more than 1 million copies as of April 23, 2009. 

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Deus Ex Go features a new gameplay

Deus Ex Go is the Mobile version inspired by Deus Ex itself. Square Enix released the game in 2016. Unlike the PC "brother", Deus Ex Go is a puzzle game. Players use the touch screen to move and overcome obstacles. The goal is to find the right direction and solve the task as quickly as possible. Deus Ex Go belongs to the "Go" series alongside Hitman Go (2014) and Lara Croft Go (2015). The developer, Square Enix Montreal, takes the main motifs from the corresponding series and combines them with a turn-based puzzle. Enix released Deus Ex Go in August 2016, for Android and iOS platforms.

Critics comment that Deus Ex Go has successfully captured the spirit of the Deus Ex series and created a "brain-hack" gameplay, promoting the values ​​of the GO series. The game brings challenges that force players to combine the elements of sneakiness, and intelligence to accomplish the missions. Deus Ex Go gameplay resembles a chess match. You control a chess piece, moving it around, knocking down enemies, and evading their paths. Each level requires different approaches, with obstacles - such as turrets, robots, and blockage. Currently, Deus Ex Go is free on both Android and iOS platforms.