The India Game Developer Conference taking place in Hyderabad last week saw many promising games getting announced. While a lot of these were on Steam, there were still many being developed for the mobile platform. Here are the 5 titles that mobile users should keep an eye out for:


While this one is not actually confirmed for mobile yet (just PC and consoles), the developer seems interested in bringing to the touchscreen.

In this game, you’ll control a meteor to fly around, collect power-ups, and take down other meteors.  It’d make for a perfect fit on mobile too, with empty spaces on the 2 sides of the action leaving room for virtual buttons.

Lights On

Lights On is a puzzle game with a cute aesthetic and a message toward the protection of the environment. Your task is to provide power to the cities through several types of factories and other infrastructures – and you must be sure to use as little power as possible. The levels are pretty short – some only take a few seconds to complete – but things will get more difficult as you go. The game is set to launch for Android in February 2020

Lights On

Gravity Shooter

A casual yet incredibly fun game, Gravity Shooter puts you in a simplistic 2D world where your task is to wreck everything that moves, be it enemies or obstacles. The catch here is, you cannot move freely and instead can only do so by shooting your gun. The controls are solid, and there’s a wide variety of power-ups to collect.

The only concern is whether the game will have enough content to keep players engaged. Currently, there are only 40 levels on offer, though the developer has said that other modes are in the works.

Cursed Arena

In this game, you’ll control a herd of animals to navigate around small areas full of traps and enemies. The challenge stems from the wonky controls (which are probably intentional) – sometimes making it really awkward to have your animals avoid the traps.

The game is expected to arrive on iOS in February with an Android version following soon after.

Mystic Pillars

We’ve saved the best for last here, as Mystic Pillars is the title that we think is the most notable in this list. We’ve covered it in detail in our previous article, so check that out for more info!