The Pokémon Company International (or TPCi) is currently looking for someone to work as one of their Principal Game Designer. This offer was first uploaded on Linkedin by the company itself and then re-uploaded on Twitter by a user called Wario64, here’s the link:

Rumor has it that the reason why they are hiring this position is that they need a Principal Game Designer on the mobile game they are about to develop. Actually, there has not been any official announcement about this. However, as we are talking about The Pokémon Company International, a company that works specifically on one and only one series, we can still make a safe guess by saying that this act of them is for the next Pokémon mobile game.

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Pokémon Go

In the job listing, they posted on Linkedin, The Pokémon Company International stated that it is searching for "a creative individual that not only understands the secret sauce but also can communicate that vision to others." One may wonder whether or not "secret sauce" is considered as a quantifiable skill; still, TPCi seems to take it seriously.

The listing is from the company itself. Therefore, it is going to be really fascinating to see what kind of mobile game its studio can develop after the huge success that Niantic has got with the famous Pokémon Go. The game was (and still is) so successful that the company decided to heavily incorporate most of the elements of the world-famous Pokémon Go into the Nintendo Switch release of the recently popular Pokémon Let's Go.

Pokemon Lets Go
Pokémon Let's Go

Right now, we still have no idea about when or how we will have any further information about this mysterious and intriguing new mobile game being introduced. However, we will try our best to get the latest information as soon as possible to keep you fully informed.