The VideoKid from Pixel Trip Studio is a new mobile game that previously appeared on PC and consoles. It reminds people of the original Paperboy game, both feeling-wise and mechanics-wise. Here's how it looks like:

Remembering the good old 80s

First and foremost, The VideoKid seems to be the game that shows respect to the glorious 80s. Just by a glance, you’ll see somehow questionable characters of America’s neon-est decade that you’ll immediately recognize.

The Videokid
Instead of delivering newspapers, you’ll be playing “totally-not-Marty-McFly” that delivers VHS videos on your skateboard.

Gameplay overview

The VideoKid has an almost similar point of view to Paperboy but instead it has three lanes to switch between. Using your skateboard, it’s possible to perform tricks to leap over objects like cars or bus benches, etc.

Maxresdefault 11
Thanks to 3-lane-mechanics, you may attempt to perform combos while skating down the streets handing out VHS tapes.

Additionally, you’ll find coins around the street that can be collected. Coins will help you unlock more characters that will definitely surprise you by how recognizable they are.

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Coins are all over the streets of The VideoKid, use them to unlock characters, outfits, upgrades and tricks!

Mechanics-wise, The VideoKid is notably solid. However, it’s the small details that make the game so enjoyable to play. The questionable characters we mention above really play an important role in that. Also, if you want to peg the Care Bears or the California Raisins in the head using VHS tapes, no one can stop you.

Reference after reference

Furthermore, the developers did a great job with the references. You can see familiar faces everywhere as the game goes: Inspector Gadget, Transformers, The Chipmunks, Fraggle Rock, … It’s really bringing back the childhood memories to a lot of people.

The Videokid
If you liked Paperboy and wished to have a mobile version of it, The VideoKid is probably worth downloading.

So, wait no more, let’s check out the game and see how many references can you spot. Also, don’t forget to share your feelings and high scores with your friends.