COD Mobile players can purchase several in-game items using in-game currency, called CP (COD Points). Those in-game items include crates, gun skins, among others. Players can even purchase Battle Pass using CP.

Get Cod Points For Free
How to get COD Points for free

However, you have to spend real money to get CP, which isn’t possible for many players. And that is why many of them have to look for other ways to get COD Mobile’s in-game currency for free. Here are the three best ways to obtain CP for free. It is worth noting that getting CP for free isn’t that easy and it requires quite a bit of effort. 

How To Get COD Points For Free In COD Mobile

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is among the most trusted GPT (Get Paid To) websites. Users can complete tasks on the website and earn an on-site currency called SB, which can be exchanged to Paypal money or Google Play Giftcard. And you can use them to get CP in COD Mobile. 

Swagbucks Cod Points For Free
Get COD Points for free with Swagbucks.

The tasks include completing surveys, downloading apps, and answering quizzes and the cash rewards vary between markets. You can also visit other similar GPT sites to get more rewards, such as Prize Rebel, GrabPoints, or YSense.  

2. Poll Pay

Similar to Swagbuck, Poll Pay is also a GPT platform, but it is a GPT app, not a website. Users can compete multiple tasks such as answering quizzes, watching videos, surveys, among others. Aside Poll Pay, Easy Rewards and Clickloot are similar apps that offer the same rewards to their users. Again, cash-out methods on this app vary between markets. 

Get Cod Points For Free Poll Pay
You can get COD Points for free with Poll Pay.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Users can get Google Play credit/balance from Google Opinion Rewards by answering surveys or studies. You should note that there is no fixed payout for all users. You can use Google Play Credit to purchase CP directly in COD Mobile.

Google Opinion Rewards Screenshot 2017 920x470
Google Opinion Rewards is a reliable platform to get COD Points for free.