Tiltagon, a franchise developed by Kiemura, has a significant history on iOS. First revealed in 2014, Tiltagon intended to present itself as a skittish arcade game which has the comparative vibe to Super Hexagon but instead using the tilt mechanics of our mobiles to control, which generally hadn't been very sufficiently precise for a game as difficult as Super Hexagon.

Amazingly, the developers managed to pull it off, and the first Tiltagon was released a couple of months later with the distributing assistance of Noodlecake Studios. Though the tilt system was not absolutely perfect, it definitely proved that such way of control may work out well.

Tiltagon Turbo
Tiltagon Turbo is now free for all.

And then a couple of years later in 2017, after Noodlecake Studio decided to give the franchise back to its original developer Kiemura, it launched a title named Tiltagon Turbo, a revamped version of the game.

Tiltagon Turbo had improved graphics, better designs, more difficulty choices, virtual control stick for players who couldn't handle tilting. It was an amazing update from the original game but hasn't been refreshed until this previous week. Kiemura has updated the game with full compatibility for even the most recent iOS devices and, in a very sudden move, they've made the title for all time free without any charge. That implies no promotions and no microtransactions. Notably, the pay version of the original Tiltagon Turbo had a lot of issues so it seemed not to make too much money, so making the game free-for-all might be the best choice for Kiemura now.

Regardless of whether you possessed this one beforehand or haven't even given it a try, there's no reason not to download the recently refreshed and totally free Tiltagon Turbo at this moment. Even better, if you only have Android devices,  Tiltagon Turbo is now available on the Google Play Store and it is also totally free.

Tiltagon Turbo on Android: