Cloud-Striding is the third sub-event of Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024. Let's check out some pro tips to win this minigame with high scores at every stage here.

#1. Expeditious Excursion

The first stage of Cloud-Striding is located in Teatree Slope. This is a simple challenge to complete. Check out some tips to complete this challenge below.

  • Use wind currents to glide around and get into the range of the Golden Carp's orb.
  • Aim at the Jade Lotus Lanterns when you use the Golden Carp’s Leap.

You must get close to the Golden Carp's orb enough to leap with the help of this device.

Expeditious Excursion
Collect as many Jade Lanterns as possible.

#2. Finagling Frustrated

The second stage, Finagling Frustrated, takes place near the waypoint between Qiaoying Village and Mt. Lingmeng in Chenyu Vale. Cunning Plan Crisis Adaptation is the new lantern in this stage that can turn the Ominous Lanterns around it into Jade Lanterns for you to get and earn high scores.

It's easy to hit Cunning Plan Crisis Adaptation as it often spawns in front of Goolden Carp's Leap orbs. To earn high scores in this stage, you also use Goolden Carp's Leap and hit Cunning Plan Crisis Adaptation to create more Jade Lanterns.

Finagling Frustrated
Hit Cunning Plan Crisis Adaptation to create more Lanterns for high scores.

#3. Lively Lights

Cunning Plan Pyrotechnical Amusement is the new game device in the third stage of Lively Lights. You can get double points at the next Goolden Carp's Leap after hitting this Cunning Plan and triggering Firework Lanterns around you.

To earn high scores from this stage, you should:

  • Leap accurately and rapidly.
  • Hit Fireworks Lanterns to pop Jade Lanterns around it.
  • Wait for Fireworks Lantern to float near Jade Lotus Lanterns before hitting it.

That's how to win the third stage with high scores and claim all challenge rewards.

Lively Lights
Hit Firework Lanterns to pop more Jade Lanterns.

#4. Searing Starburst

The fourth stage, Searing Starburst, takes place in Yaodie Valley. The new White Buff called Cash Advances will create temporary Lanterns that disappear if you cannot collect them fast. Don't miss these limited-time lanterns and waste the rare buff.

Basides, aim carefully and accurately to hit rows of Lanterns at odd angles. In addition, you must also watch your angles for wind tunnels that help you reach the range of Golden Carp's orbs faster.

Searing Starburst
Summon more temporary Lanterns by hitting the Cash Advances Buffs.

#5. Shimmering Shadows

Shimmering Shadows challenge is located on the mountain cliff of Mt. Xuanlian. You need to run more in this final challenge. Besides, you should wait until the red Blazing lanterns float to the middle of the Jade Lantern group. Then, jump to hit it in time to break it and pop all Jade Lanterns around it.

Shimmering Shadows
You have to run more during the Shimmering Shadows challenge.

Those are the best tips to win five challenges of Cloud-Striding with high scores. Try to complete this minigame with flying colors to claim many attractive rewards in Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024.

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