The Knave, also known as Arlecchino, is the new Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact 4.6. This dangerous Fatui Harbinger possesses important materials for her playable version. Let's check out the best tips and techniques to defeat The Knave Boss here.

I. About The Knave Boss

Genshin Impact Travelers can find The Knave's Trounce Domain in the Liffey Region in the Land of Hydro. To unlock Arlecchino's boss domain, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 40;
  • Complete Arlecchino's Story Quest.

Arlecchino has arrived as a playable character in patch 4.6. Her story quest is also available to unlock since the beginning of this update. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Challenge button in the Adventurer Handbook to start challenging the domain without having to complete her story quest.

The Knave Weekly Boss
Complete Arlecchino's story quests or use the Quick Challenge button.

II. Best Tips To Defeat The Knave

Like other Fatui Harbinger bosses, The Knave also has two forms with different attack patterns. Therefore, she is also a dangerous enemy. Let's check out some tips and tactics to fight off this new boss here.

#1. Gain Scarlet Nighttide

You will be inflicted with the Bond of Life status when The Knave hits you with certain attacks. Then, the Bond of Life effect will reduce the healing effect and buff the DMG you take from her attack. Therefore, it's necessary to clear this status.

Besides, after clearing the Bond of Life, you also get the Scarlet Nighttide effect on the follow-up Charged Attack to buff the output damage to The Knave and make her vulnerable to further attacks.

Knave Has Two Phases
The Knave boss has two forms.

#2. Interrupt Bloodtide Banquet

Bloodtide Banquet is the most dangerous and powerful attack of The Knave that can inflict your character with the effect called Bond of Life. It's necessary to remove the Bond of Life effect to interrupt this ultimate attack by using the Charged Attack.

Then, this boss will become vulnerable for a short time. It's a great chance for you to stack damage and defeat The Knave with powerful Elemental Bursts.

The Knave Genshin Boss
Remove the Bond of Life status

#3. Focus on Healers and Shields

Healers like Kokomi, Baizhu, and Furina help clear the Bond of Life status quickly. Therefore, you should bring at least one healer to the team to defeat this boss safely and efficiently. Besides, using a shield will prevent the boss from dealing additional damage to your character.

#4. Defeat The Knave in Co-Op Mode

Co-operating with other players may help you clear this boss faster when you miss a strong healer and shielder. If you have a pro player to co-op with, you can farm enough materials for your playable Arlecchino character very early.

The Knave Genshin Impact
Co-op with friends to clear this boss faster.

III. Best Team To Encounter The Knave

You should bring characters with fast Charged Attacks to defeat Knave effectively. Besides, don't forget to bring a healer and a shielder to encounter The Knave Boss. Here are some highly recommended teams to clear this Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact 4.6.

  • Neuvillette, Kazuha, Furina, and Zhongli;
  • Wriothesley, Shenhe, Kokomi, and Zhongli;
  • Raiden Shogun, Nahida, Furina, and Baizhu.

Wriothesley, Raiden, and Neuvillette are great options for the DPS role because they can unleash Charged Attacks quickly to interrupt The Knave's Bloodtide Banquet. If you have better team comps, let's leave your suggestions under this article.

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