For many, Tom and Jerry's cartoons were the iconic staple of their childhoods. And now, NetEase’s esports brand Top Clans Esports has granted you the chance to experience Tom and Jerry esports. Officially authorized by Warner Bros., Tom and Jerry: Chase promises to recreate the most faithfully recreates the classic cartoon show’s art style in a mobile game.
Tom N Jerry Gameplay
Tom and Jerry: Chase is now an Esports title

It is a brand-new asymmetric survival game developed by NetEase Games. Players will play like cats and mice. One player is Tom, whose sole objective is to catch all the four other players as Jerry and other mice from the classic show. Jerry and the mice have access to special items and skills to help them avoid Tom and steal all the cheese on the map. Tom, on the other hand, has to catch all the mice and send them away on rockets.

Tom and Jerry Esports Tournament Format

The Top Clans tournament will return this year with multiple competitions including Rules of Survival, DOTA 2, MARVEL Super War, and Tekken. It offers a total prize pool of $85,000. Previously in September, the tournament kicked off on the 25th with the group stages. After a month, we're here with the group stages and later knockout stages ending on 26th October.

Along with the above titles, the tournament also welcomes Tom and Jerry: Chase, with a prize pool of $20,000 dollars. The champions of the event will take home $10,000 while the runner-up gets $4,000. This is the first appearance of Tom and Jerry: Chase in an esports event. The group stages for Tom and Jerry: Chase started on 16th October and lasted for 6 days.

Tom N Jerry Groups
Group information

The group stages follow a best-of-3 double-elimination format. 16 teams were divided into 4 groups after the registration phase. The elimination stage will start on 31st October and conclude on  1st November. This phase follows a single-elimination format, the winners of one group will battle against the 2nd team of another.

Tom N Jerry Rules
Scoring Rules for the tournament
The winners will advance to the finals. During the first phase, teams are randomly assigned "Cat" or "Mouse", then switch at the second phase. Pacchi "Xeaora" Fajilan, Reggie "Cheesto" Dominik, and Theo "Arctikuno" Rodriguez have been casting the games so far and the event production is quite smooth.
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