As of now, India is the second-largest gaming market in the world with almost 300 million gamers and $890 million dollar worth in 2019, only behind China.

Most players are under 30 and have a great capability to purchase products. Reports made by research companies even shown that the gaming industry in India might worth up to 1.1 billion dollars in 2020 with 628 million players.

There are more than 250 gaming companies in India right now for all kinds of platforms, PC, mobile, consoles,... While in 2010, when that number was only 25. That means India was having 2 new gaming companies every month.

gaming companies india
Advertisers look at mobile games as a great opportunity to access as many customers as possible with a cheap price

This growth is mostly thanks to the development of smartphones. Smartphones are getting more and more powerful quickly while having affordable costs. Now, everyone can easily own one and explore the endless world of entertainment through millions of apps.

Free games are futile lands for advertisers as millions of users are playing them every day. Virtual reality gaming and AI are also moving really fast, giving gaming development companies in India more resources and tools to make great games more easily with reasonable costs.

Here is the list of top 10 gaming companies in India by

1. Octro

Octro had been involved in the mobile gaming industry in India for 13 years now. It is the biggest gaming company in India at the moment with popular games such as Indian Rummy, Tambola, Teen Patti on top of the chart of all mobile platforms, iOS, Google Play, and Windows Phone 8.

gaming companies india
Teen Patti, a famous product of Octro. It is also the highest-grossing card game in India

Octro was founded in 2006, focusing on VOIP (voice over IP) for about 6 years before moving on to developing mobile gaming apps.

2. Nazara Technologies

Nazara Technologies is one of the leading sports and gaming media organizations in India, the Middle East, and Africa. You might have heard of them before through their famous Oggy game series and Chhota game series on Google Play.

gaming development companies in india
Nazara Technologies acquired Sportskeeda and is expected to release their IPO in 2020

This Indian gaming company just recently acquired Sportskeeda, the biggest news platform for all sports in India. It is also planning to launch its IPO early this year.

3. Dream11

Dream11 was founded by Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain back in 2008. They released a fantasy sports platform for cricket later in 2012, which expanded to football, hockey, kabaddi, and basketball. The company quickly gained a total of 4 million users in 2016. That number shot up to 45 million in 2018. Obviously, who doesn't want to be the owner of their favorite sports teams and players?

top gaming companies in india
Dream11 allows sports fans in India to create their own dream team

Dream11 is also a member of the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) and one of the founding members of the IFSG (Indian Federation of Sports Gaming). Fast Company recognized Dream 11 to be among the top 10 most innovative gaming companies in India in 2019.

4. 99Games

99Games developed Dhoom:3 The Game, the most downloaded game in India, and Star Chef, the top-grossing game in India, along with more than 18 other games. They got more than 50 million downloads globally until now.

top gaming companies in india
Dhoom:3 The Game, a 3D car racing game from 99Games, is the most downloaded game in India

99Games is a subsidiary of Robosoft Technologies, an Indian software tech company that focuses on the Mac market. The company saw the potential of mobile games and apps when the iPhone was introduced. They knew that freemium apps were going to be the trend and took the opportunity.

5. CreatioSoft

CreatioSoft is an Indian mobile game developer for all mobile platforms, from iPhone, iPad, Android to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry. The company has developed more than 100 games and apps so far. They also have worked with huge companies such as Baidu, Games2Win, UCWeb,... with great experience with all kinds of open source development technologies.

gaming companies in india
CreativeSoft created lots of games for all platforms and worked with many huge companies in the world

6. 2Pi Interactive Pvt. Ltd

2Pi Interactive Pvt. Ltd develops games with high-quality at reasonable prices. The headquarters of 2Pi Interactive Pvt. Ltd is placed in Hyderabad. The company aims to push the boundary of gaming and create unique experiences for players on all platforms.

gaming companies in india
The Cat Monk, a really fun platformer game of 2Pi Interactive Pvt. Ltd

7. Moonfrog Labs

Moonfrog Labs is a mobile game developer based in Bengaluru. They are the ones who created Teen Patti Gold, the top-grossing card game in Indian, and Baahubali, the first real-time strategy game in India. Other games of them such as Mafia Wars, CastleVille, Cafe World, Bubble Safari, Yoville, Empires & Allies, Didden Chronicles, also attracted millions of players.

gaming companies in india
Baahubali The Game was the first real-time strategy game in India, based on the famous India franchise Baahubali

8. Octane Tech

Octane Tech was founded by Sameer K. Bhatia and Prashant Bhatia in Mumbai. The company features games with the latest technologies such as 3D graphics, accelerometer, GPS, camera-based inputs, and touch-screen. They have been working on developing games and apps for smartphones since 2008.

gaming development companies in india
Leap Frogger, a game from Octane Tech

9. Games2Win

Games2Win is one of the biggest mobile game publishers in the world with more than 50 mobile games and 175 million downloads. They have more than 15 million users constantly every month, which consists of mostly people from outside India. Their famous flagship games are High School Driving Test, International Fashion Stylist, and the top India game in Sports category, Power Cricket T20.

gaming companies in india
Game2Win is one of the biggest mobile game publishers in the world with more than 175 million downloads worldwide

10. Dhruva Interactive

Dhruva Interactive was the first gaming company in India. Rajesh Rao founded the company in March 1997. At the end of 2016, the company was acquired by Starbreeze Studios. Later in 2019, it was sold to Rockstar Games and became a part of Rockstar India studio. The company focuses on providing services such as art production, game development to other game developers and creating AA titles.

gaming companies in india
Dhruva Interactive is now a part of Rockstar India, where they develop AAA titles with stunning graphics and intriguing gameplay

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