Ever need some time-filler during your commute or an occasional break? Mobile games are perfect for their convenience and simplicity. At any time of the day, you can draw out your mobile phone and have fun with a wide variety of mobile games. And what is the best choice if you just want to wind down and relax? Well, I would highly recommend hyper-casual mobile games.

Hyper-casual is basically a puzzle sub-genre. However, unlike other mind games where you have to spend hours thinking, hyper-casual puzzle games focus more on simplicity rather than complexity. Most hyper-casual puzzle games tend to have no end. The more fun you have, the better.

Here are the 10 most downloaded hyper-casual games of September.

Sand Balls – 40 million installs

Interestingly, Sand Balls from SayGames tops the hyper-casual games list. The game is most popular in India with 12% while Brazil ranks second with 10%.

Sand Balls game rules are pretty simple yet fun to play. You start with a couple of colorful balls. Your mission is leading the ways for these balls to go all the way down on a car waiting below. To do that, simply scratch out the sand on your screen and pave the way.

Sand Balls relies on physical mechanics to determine the movement of these balls. Sometimes, it may get tricky and you have to be inventive with your path toward the end. That is the fun hyper-casual games deliver.

Fun Race 3D – 25 million installs

Another fun hyper-casual game has made its mark in India. Fun Race 3D from Good Job Games is most popular here with 20% of download coming from the Indian market. Brazil ranks second with 10%.

Fun Race 3D is indeed a race against other players. However, what makes it fun is the obstacles along the path. Most of the time, you may die of laughter at your friends or even your mistakes.

Cool Goal! - 5 million installs

Cool Goal! from Gismart is a FIFA mini-game where you just need to think carefully before giving a good penalty kick. And it is no boring, repetitive shots against a single goal defender. You will practice against multiple obstacles or even 3 moving blockers. Cool Goal! is simple and fun to play.

Aquapark.io - 3 million installs

Aquapark.io from Voodoo is another simple yet fun game taking the 4th position on the list of the most downloaded hyper-casual game last September. Enjoy a tube race against other players in your tour toward the sea. However, your race is not, and will never be peaceful.

This is a race, you need to eliminate others to reach further ahead. Players can interact with each other by kicking them off the track. You can even jump off the track by yourself and land on the lower track to get a better placing in a race. However, calculate carefully as you may risk getting eliminated while landing in the wrong place and off the track.

Tiles Hop - EDM Rush - 1 million installs

Have fun while listening to your favorite music? Here we have Tiles Hop - EDM Rush from the developer Amanotes. The game is pretty simple and easy to play but hard to put down. Try to "hop" on tiles as the music plays. The further you go, the harder the game gets. Also, mind the music as it may get crazy at times when the tempo is insane. The game is best enjoyed by yourself as you plug in your headset and tune in with the music.

5 other hyper-casual games are pretty worth the mention. Ranked from 6th to 10th in the most downloaded list are Polysphere, I Peel Good, Crowd City, Line Color 3D, Jelly Shift.