These are the top ten Indian gaming YouTubers you’d better subscribe to and watch their contents. Not related to the money they make from this career, it’s based on their contribution to the gaming universe. Check out who these Indian gamers are right away!

10. Dynamo Gaming

In the 10th position is Dynamo Gaming with 5.66 million subscribers and over 1000 videos. This YouTube channel is run by Aadi Sawant from Pune, Maharashtra. He has been playing and streaming games for nearly five years. He started streaming PUBG Mobile for over 2 years ago. Especially, he becomes one of the most famous Indian gamers for playing PUBG Mobile game with random plays, not pro players.

Dynamo Gaming
Dynamo Gaming

9. Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming is a popular gaming YouTube channel with 1.67 million subscribers. It’s run by Chetan Chandgude, also coming from Pune, Maharashtra. Chetan is also a PUBG Mobile player. He streams this game on his YouTube channel twice a day, in the morning and evening every day. He also has a clan named GodL.

Kronten Gaming
Kronten Gaming Channel

8. Alpha Clasher

Alpha Clasher is another Indian gaming channel you need to know run by Prateek from Mumbai. This young YouTuber is only 20 years old but he made a great success with his channel. He gets over a million subscribers this year thanks to interesting gaming content. He started to work as a YouTube streamer in 2015 with the game Clash Royal and got 10,000 subscribers. Then, after joining Dynamo’s Hydra clan, he switched to streaming PUBG Mobile on the emulator and got big fame.

Alpha Clasher
Alpha Clasher Channel Reached 1 Million Subscribers

7. Octo Owais

Octo Owais, or Mohammed Owais Lakhani, a famous PUBG Mobile YouTuber. He was a member of team SOUL and now is in the Fnatic Mobile team. As the MVP of SOUL Clan, Owais had an impressive performance, helped team SOUL become the winner of the PUBG Mobile India Series. Moreover, he is popular with the nickname ‘Octopus’ as he plays PUBG Mobile with his eight claws. His YouTube Channel has over 300 thousand subscribers.

Octo Owaiss Logo
Octo Owais's Logo

6. Gareebooo

Gareebooo is a popular gaming channel on YouTube with over a million subscribers. It’s run by Kunal Saraf from Kolkata. He is famous for his impressive gaming skills and sarcastic tone. He moved to Mumbai for streaming game PUBG Mobile because of ping problem. Obviously, Kunal invests a lot in PUBG Mobile and streaming career.

Gareebooo Gaming Channel
Gareebooo Gaming Channel

5. Gunshot

Gunshot, aka Harnit Khatri, is one of the most popular Indian gamers in the Indian gaming industry. He is an Indian Canadian. Harnit goes on streaming in most of the popular games, such as CS GO, PUBG PC, CoD, Fornite, Dota 2. He helps introduce the Indian gaming industry to the international level when he played in the MLG World Finals. Lots of international gamers also get to know the Indian gaming industry through Gunshot’s channel. Hence, this YouTuber deserves this high position on this list.

Gunshot Youtube Channel
Gunshot Youtube Channel

4. The Rawknee Games

Standing at the 4th position is The Rawknee Games channel of Rony Dasgupta. He starts streaming in 2010 when he was only 16 years old. His main YouTube channel is ‘The Rawknee Show’ with over a million subscribers. And his gaming channel ‘The Rawknee Games’ has 1.4 million subscribers. He mainly goes on streaming PUBG Mobile game. He also has amazing commentary in Indian PUBG Mobile competitions.

The Rawknee Games Channle
The Rawknee Games Channel

3. Rakazone Gaming

Rakazone Gaming is a popular gaming channel of Rishab Karanwal, the streamer of the year 2018. He is one of a few Indian gamers and YouTubers playing various games, such as PUBG, CS GO, GTA, CoD, Apex Legends, RDR, and many other games. His wide range of focusing games is to give his viewers more interesting gaming content.

Rakazone Gaming Channel
Rakazone Gaming Channel

2. MortaL

Soul MortaL is one of the best Indian gamers in PUBG Mobile and a famous streamer. MortaL, or Naman Mathur, started his career as a professional gamer in 2018. He also live-streams PUBG Mobile on his YouTube channel. Moreover, he used to play PS1, PS2, Contra, CS, GTA San Andreas, Mario, Dangerous Dave, etc. His YouTube channel has over 3.46 million subscribers.

Soul Mortal Live Streams His Squad Game
SOUL MortaL Live-streams His Squad Game

When MortaL decided to pursue a job in gaming, his parents scolded him very much. But he didn’t give up and finally, he proved to them he was true. Now, MortaL is the idol of many streamers and YouTubers, not only in India but all over the world. MortaL helps bring the Indian gaming industry to an international level.

1. CarryisLive

With over three million subscribers, CarryisLive is one of the most famous gaming YouTube channels in India. CarryisLive, aka Ajey Nagar and ‘Carryminati’, lives in Faridabad. His main YouTube channel ‘Carryminati’ got over 8.6 million subscribers. This young YouTuber is just 20 years old now. He was named in the list of Next Generation Leaders 2019 by famous Time Magazine. He brought the name ‘India’ in the global gaming map.

Carryislive Played Pubg Mobile
CarryisLive Played PUBG Mobile

When he was 14, he played CoD 12 hours per day. Ajey plays games for fun and live-streams for his fans. He plays lots of games, including Days gone, Assasin Creed, Apex, God of war, Star war, Spider-man PS4, and CoD, of course. Moreover, Carryminati is also a kind man. He donates his money to people who are in need. He is a good model of a kind gamer in India, the idol of gamers all over the world.

Those are the top ten Indian gaming YouTubers you need to subscribe to and follow now. With good gaming content, these YouTubers won’t let you down.