Free Fire bring out new update frequently every season to improve the playing experience of players. Still, there are things in the game that the devs overlooked. In this article, we will list the top 10 features that have been requested many times by players but are still not in the game yet.

1. More new Magic Cube Bundles

Magic Cube is an item that allows players to get a bundle of their choice from the Magic Cube Store. While all the Magic Cube bundles are great bundles, the Magic Cube Store doesn't update new costumes often. The store only refreshes after a very long period and even then, it will still full of old bundles.

Magic Cube Free Fire

2. Better Daily Rewards

In Free Fire, you can get some items just by logging the game every day. However, the daily rewards are full of useless items such as Gold and common shirts. To be honest, if you have played Free Fire for a few months, you wouldn't even care to claim the daily rewards anymore.

4. Fully customizable HUD

The HUD of Free Fire is not fully customizable and it might confuse a few players at first. More importantly, it limits the freedom of gameplay in Free Fire for no reason at all and prevents players from getting their best HUD.

Free Fire Hud

5. More frequent custom game modes

The two main game modes in Free Fire are Battle royale and Clash Squad. But these two modes are where most players play seriously and they can be very tiresome. That why Free Fire needs to release custom game modes for Free Fire more often for players to have more fun.

6. More Gold Royale Bundles

The Gold Royale is where players can get bundles by using their Golds, a currency that can be farmed in Free Fire. However, the Gold Royale takes 60 days to reset, 3 times longer than others. Many players also want Free Fire to release some exclusive Gold Royale skins.

7. Better level up rewards

Same as the Daily rewards, the Level rewards in Free Fire does not have many valuable items. The best items you can get are probably vouchers and there aren't even many of them. Free Fire should really put better rewards as players reach higher levels in the game.

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8. Exchange Old Token

Whenever Free Fire releases a new event, they often let players collect the token of the event to exchange for rewards. However, when these events end, those tokens become useless. Maybe they should let players exchange old tokes into whatever usable tokens at the moment, of course, with a high exchange rate.

9. Guild system overhaul

All Free Fire players who join a guild only care about one thing, the Room Card. Every other feature in the Guild is pretty much ignored. They need to improve the Guild system a lot to make it an actually good feature.

10. More Maps

There are currently 3 maps in Free Fire and they are all pretty small so most players have already discovered everything already. Compared to other battle royale titles, Free Fire has fewer maps, making the gameplay somewhat repetitive. Even all event modes are played on these maps.


It is time for Free Fire to release a new map so players can have more variety and fun.

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