The backgrounds in horror games usually look creepy and dark. Many of them are designed while some are inspired by places in real life. These are the top 3 places in real life that are often used as the backgrounds in horror games.

Himuro Mansion

Fans of this game genre are very familiar to this place - Himuro Mansion. There are a lot of creepy stories and myths about this place in Japan, the country with a huge horror story treasure. The creepy game Fatal Frame also used this place to be the background.

The Real Himoru Mansion
The Real Himoru Mansion

According to some tales, the Himoru family owned a mansion somewhere in the Tokyo outskirts. They do Shinto rituals every 50 years, which was banned in Japan. In specific, they tie a girl in the family in many ropes with another end tied to bulls heading to different ways. The death of the victim is obvious. It's the way this family removes their karma in the future. But until now, no one knows where is the Himoru mansion.

Himoru Mansion
Himoru Mansion is used as the background in many horror games

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a familiar place in horror games. Many people believe that it's an imaginary place while a lot of people think that it's a real place. However, its location always changes. Sometimes, it's Virginia but sometimes, they found it in Pennsylvania. Moreover, many people thought it was an old town in America before this continent was conquered by the Europeans.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill is another mysterious place in many horror games

In addition, people also narrate many creepy stories in Silent Hill, such as it's an Eden Gate and there is a graveyard under this town.

Silent Hill 3
There are a lot of stories about it

Chernobyl Town

It's also the most dangerous location in the world. This town is the ruins left after the most tragic nuclear disaster in human history. A nuclear power plant in Chernobyl exploded in 1986 and made it a dead town.

Chernobyl Town
Chernobyl Town became a dead place after the most tragic nuclear disaster in human history.

No one can get to explore this town due to the high concentration of radioactive there. Then, Chernobyl became a mysterious place that has been used as the background for many horror games, such as Call of Duty or Stalker series.