Free Fire's skill system is a very important part of the game. By picking the right skills, players can get extra advantages in combat, which can be useful for the sniper role. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 active skills for Snipers in Free Fire MAX OB33.

1. Clu's Tracing Steps

Detecting enemies' location is the first step to becoming a successful sniper. Clu's ability is actually very strong now, after various buffs in previous patches. While the 75m radius is not super high, it is sufficient for medium-range sniping, which is the most common form of sniper battle in the game. When used correctly, players should be able to get the drop on their enemies.

Clu Free Fire
Clu has been buffed massively.

Furthermore, the duration of this skill is fairly long and it also shares the info to your teammates, which is perfect in Squad mode.

2. Dimitri's Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri has one of the best healing skills to use for snipers. His ability, Healing Heartbeat, is pretty unique - it creates a healing aura similar to Alok but slightly weaker. All players inside the area can self recover to get up if they are knocked down.

At max level, the duration of the skill increases to 15 seconds, which is a 45HP heal, and its cooldown also gets reduced to 60 seconds. You can just active your skill, run near teammates for them to self-revive while engaging in combat at the same time.

Dimitri's ability is most useful when enemies can't finish you off.

3. Skyler's Riptide Rhythm

Gloo grenades are the biggest enemies of snipers. They create an instant cover that enemies can hide behind, forcing you to waste bullets on destroying it. Skyler's Riptide Rhythm would deal with that and give you some bonus HP in the process. Afterward, you can easily dispatch the exposed foe.

Skyler's ability has an exceptionally high range.

4. Wukong's Camouflage

Wukong's ability is perfect for initiating, especially if you are a sniper. You can use this ability to get to a good spot for attack, ambush your foes ... or escape in a sniper battle. You can also fire a shot then use disguise right away to prevent detection. Wukong's ability is one of the top 5 active skills for snipers in Free Fire, for players who like to be creative in their approach.

Free Fire Wukong
Camouflage can be super useful in various circumstances.

5. Alok's Drop the Beat

However, after Chrono's nerf, it is expected that Alok has risen to the top once again and become the most used character.

Dj Alok Ff
Alok is the most popular amongst characters with Active skills in Free Fire.

Alok's ability has not changed much since his debut. Drop the beat is a healing + speed aura that lasts for 10 seconds, which is very useful in combat. As a sniper, players could use the speed boost to quickly reposition themselves.

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