Free Fire Advance server, the beta test for the upcoming OB33 patch, has finally come out. It features an array of changes and new features that might be added in the upcoming patch. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything new in the Free Fire OB33 Advance Server, including characters, pets, guns, and more.

Not all features from the Advance server would be implemented into the release patch.

1. New Mystery character

The new mystery character in OB33 has an ability called Swordman's Wrath. This ability is like a fusion of Hayato's old Art of Blades skill and Chrono's shield - it creates a shield that blocks incoming weapon damage from the front, which expires by itself if players fire a single shot.

According to leaks, the new character is named Kenta, who has appeared in a previous Free Fire comic. He is Hayato's bodyguard and a skilled gunsmith. Overall, Kenta's ability is not that strong, as it pretty much can't be used for any kind of offensive strategy.

New Mystery character
New Mystery character

In order for this skill to be useful, it needs to have a very short cooldown.

2. Character skill rework

Take note that all character skills mentioned here are the level 1 version - they might become even better at high levels.


A124 would get a completely new skill rework. Her ability to self-heal is gone - Thrill of battle is now an active ability that creates an 8-meter electromagnetic wave that disables any enemies' skill activation and interaction cooldown. This ability has a duration of 60 seconds and 50 seconds cooldown, which means players can just activate it all the time

Overall, it is yet to be seen if this ability would actually be useful. A124 is now a close-range rusher character, whose ability interrupts enemies from using skills.

A124 in OB33


Previously, Steffie's skill hardly do anything with only a minuscule 5% bullet damage reduction. However, she is much more useful now - the new Painted Refuge would block all throwables and restore armor durability by 10% per second for allied characters. On top of that, it also reduces ammo damage taken by enemies by 10%.

The duration of this skill is also massive - it lasts for a whopping 20 seconds with a short cooldown of 45 seconds. This ability has the potential to be overpowered and is likely to get nerfed in the OB33 release.

Steffie in OB33


Nikita, one of the weakest characters in the game, has gotten a buff at last. Her ability now affects all guns instead of just SMGs... however, she gains an additional ability that boosts the damage of the last five bullets of an SMG magazine. Overall, this is not really that useful as you don't want to reload in the middle of a fight.

At least the reload speed bonus applies to all weapons now, and sniper/shotgun players could definitely use that bonus.

Nikita in OB33


Rafael's Dead Silent has recently been buffed but looks like it is still not nearly as popular as Garena expected. Because of that, they decided to buff the skill again.

The new version of Dead Silent in OB33 has an additional effect that causes enemies to bleed out faster with each successful hit. This means after downing a foe, players could bleed him out after another shot or two. Overall, this small buff might finally bring Rafael into popularity.

Rafael in OB33

3. New weapons

Garena has been diligently adding new guns to the game with each patch, and in the OB33 Advance server, they add two new weapons instead of one: the G36 and the F2000.


The G36 is similar to the M4A1 - it actually comes with two firing modes that can be used in various situations. It is likely going to be the strongest weapon in this patch.

The F2000 is also an AR but is not nearly as strong as the G36. It is more of a balanced weapon for beginners.

4. New axolotl pet Zasil

The new pet Zasil is a baby axolotl with the ability to duplicate players' Inhaler, Med Kit or Repair Kit. At level 1, every time players use one of those items, there's a chance that they would get an extra copy of the item for Free.

New axolotl pet Zasil
New axolotl pet Zasil

This skill seems to be overpowered at first glance, however, it is actually pretty weak. On top of the percentage-based activation, it also has a long cooldown of 120 seconds. Getting a free medkit every 2 minutes is just a minimal bonus that doesn't affect the game much in the long run. you can't even accumulate a high number of them, as you need to use an item to trigger the skill.

5. Link system for free character

Players can get a free permanent character by completing the requirements in the Link system. This opens up a big opportunity for free-to-play players to bolster their lineup without spending any money.

Link system
Players can only link and unlink a character every one hour.

The requirements are fairly steep, however, as players need to play a number of matches to fill up the link.

6. Zombie Invasion mode

Free Fire OB33 is getting a new Zombie Invasion mode that allows players to fight against zombies and other opponents. It also comes with a fair bit of new features, as players would be able to pick a perk at the start of a match.

Zombie Invasion is likely going to be the highlight of Free Fire's OB33 patch, adding a whole new dimension to the game.

Zombie Invasion mode
Zombie Invasion mode

7. Others

Improved download center

Overall, the Download Center in Free Fire has been reorganized to be more accessible. It has been segregated into categories like mode, map, and more. This allows players to pick whichever section to download.

Improved download center
Improved download center allow players to get which ever they want at any time.

Credit score

Garena is going to implement a new system called 'credit score' to Free Fire. It will penalize players for wrongful behavior patterns such as being AFK, force quitting, verbal abuse, toxic behavior, and more. It is very likely that players with low behavior scores would be matched with each other.

credit score
There is also a possibility of getting banned if your credit score gets too low.

Players also get extra rewards if they manage to keep their behavior score high every week.

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