Ever since its release, the M82B has remained one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire due to its ability to shoot through gloo walls. That alone makes the gun top tier without equal. However, players can increase the power of the gun even further, by using weapon skins that modify stats. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best looking M82B skins in Free Fire 2022.

1. M82B Vampire Malevolence

  • Attributes: ++Armour penetration +Reload speed –Movement speed

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M82B Vampire Malevolence is a great skin with two special effects instead of one. Besides the red smoke that weaves around the body of the gun, there are also a number of red bats circling around it. This suits the vampire theme and give the gun an intimidating appearance.

Appearance-wise, the body of the weapon is covered in ornate white decorations with a red background, which fits perfectly with its effects.

The bonus stats of the Vampire Malevolence is not the best but still very useful. The ++ Armor penetration amplifies the already high penetration of the M82B while the reload speed bonus increases its consistency.

2. M82B Time Traveler

  • Attributes: +Damage +Reload speed –Magazine

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Introduced as part of the Time Travellers top up in Free Fire, the M82B Time Traveller is one of the more popular skins for this weapon, as players get it for free by topping up. While it does not have a ++ bonus, the increase in Damage and Reload Speed make the Time Traveller skin very easy to use. The M82B needs both stats.

Appearance-wise, the Time Traveller M82B looks rather tame, with black and yellow mechanical-like details on its body.

3. M82B Falconer

  • Attributes: +Rate of fire –Magazine +Armour penetration

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Falconer is another middling skin for the M82B, with bonuses for fire rate and armor penetration. Sniper rifles need more fire rate than damage, and because of that, the M82B Falconer makes the gun easier to use. As the gun already has a big enough magazine size, the demerit of a lower magazine size does not matter that much.

Appearance-wise, the M82B Falconer comes with cool blue decorations on the body of the weapon, with most of the other items being black. It fits perfectly if the user is wearing any blue and black costume.

4. M82B Dragon Mob

  • Attributes: +Range +Armour penetration –Movement speed

Maxresdefault 3

Dragon Mob is the only M82B skin with a lighter theme. The body of the gun is covered in a white and golden dragon pattern, with some red here and there. This makes the weapon perfect to match if you are using an Eastern-themed costume set.

The stat bonuses of the M82B Dragon Mob is pretty middling, however, the extra range can be somewhat useful, as the M82B has slightly lower range than other snipers.

5. M82B Operano Sheng

  • Attributes: +Rate of fire –Reload speed +Magazine


The M82B Operano Sheng has a neon theme with purple, neon blue and black. If players are using a cyberpunk type of set, this weapon should be perfect aesthetically. Stat wise, the M82B Operano Sheng skin increases the DPS of the weapon a bit, with the extra rate of fire boost.

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