Garena has been adding new characters into Free Fire every big update, and OB34 is not an exception to this rule. Homer is the newest character added to Free Fire in OB34. His skill is both unique and powerful - it summons a drone that damages and slows enemies. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Homer in Free Fire.

1. Homer backstory & design

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Free Fire new character Homer


Homer is a blind man who is not only an assassin but also one of the founders of the thriving tech gang in Griza. After fading out of power in recent years, Homer now only wants to find the truth behind the strange disease that blinded him in his childhood, the mysterious research institute he called his school and the rare earth mineral linked to it all.


Homer has a fairly stylish design. He comes equipped with a grey cloak and hood, alongside a complete set of full-body armor. Below his ear is an implant that allows Homer to control his drone.

2. Homer ability in Free Fire

Ability: Senses Shockwave (active)

Releases a drone to the nearest frontal enemy, creating a 5m-diameter pulse explosion which reduces enemy movement speed and firing speed and inflicts 25 damage on them. The duration of the slow effect is 5 seconds. The search area of the drone is 100m frontal distance, which is fairly large.

Level Ability
1 Reduces movement speed by 10% and firing speed by 10%. CD: 140s.
2 Reduces movement speed by 20% and firing speed by 15%. CD: 130s.
3 Reduces movement speed by 30% and firing speed by 20%. CD: 120s.
4 Reduces movement speed by 40% and firing speed by 25%. CD: 110s.
5 Reduces movement speed by 50% and firing speed by 30%. CD: 100s.
6 Reduces movement speed by 60% and firing speed by 35%. CD: 90s.

Overall, this ability can completely cripple an enemy for five seconds, preventing them from either running away or fighting back. To counter the drone, players should create a Gloo Wall to block enemy fire immediately.

3. Skill combo for Homer in Free Fire

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Homer is going to compete with Skyler for the position of the best Free Fire character.

Homer's ability is an active skill and it can only be used to combo with other passive skills. Overall, as the duration of the drone effect is fairly short (5s), it is the most effective in a rusher combo. Below are the best skills to combo with Homer:


Shirou's ability tracks players who shot you and gives you bonus armor penetration for your first hit against them. While the tracking part is rather useless up close, the bonus AP is not. You can deal incredible damage with a shotgun or DMR while using them in tandem with this ability. When you get sniped, it is pretty easy to just follow the tracking to release your drone.


Another good passive for rusher. When it comes to aim duels in close range, Jota is a great "clutch" character who allows you to gain HP in the middle of combat. Combine that with the drone's 35% fire rate reduction, players should be able to easily out-damage the target.

Hayato Firebrand

Reduce frontal damage by 3.5% for every 10% of max HP loss. This skill provides the most bonus in a direct firefight when your HP gets damaged, which is excellent in a rusher combo.

Elite Moco

The passive of Elite Moco tags players for up to 10 seconds. This allows Homer to approach and use his drone much easier. With Moco's ability equipped, players can even try using the drone at long range.

4. Best weapon combo for Homer

Overall, Homer's ability is fairly versatile and can be used with most close to mid range weapons. Just avoid using his skill in a long range sniper build, as you would not be able to get close to making use of the skill's bonus.

In general, for rushing builds, the best weapon to combo with Homer is still the MP40 and Vector Akimbo, the deadliest SMGs in Free Fire. For mid range builds, any assault rifle or DMR would suffice.

New Evo Gun Mp40 1200x675

5. How good is Homer in Clash Squad and BR modes?

Homer is a great character in both Clash Squad and BR, however, he probably shines more in Clash Squad. With it being a fast-paced team mode and enemies often clustered together, players should be able to hit multiple with one drone blast. The 90 seconds cooldown is a bit high but still manageable.

Homer is going to be deadly in Clash Squad

In BR modes, players need to use Homer's drone more sparingly and at close range, as they need to reach the enemy to take advantage of the slow.

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