Clash Squad is one of the two main modes in Free Fire MAX. In this mode, two squads of 4 fight against each other in a best-of-7 format, and the team that win more matches wins the game. The latest season of Clash Squad has just come out, and the rank of everyone has been reset. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 useful tips to rank up faster in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 13.

1. Make use of coordination and communication

This is rather hard to achieve when playing with random people on the internet. If you want to climb rank in Clash Squad, it is best to find a team instead of playing solo. In this mode, most players are rushing... and for that to be effective, squads need to follow and cover for each other.

Free Fire Clash Squad Season
Clash Squad is a 4 vs 4 mode, therefore, teammates are important.

Try using voice chat if possible - even if your teammates can't reply, they might choose to follow your direction. You will have to play with unskilled players when playing with random teammates, which is a rather common nuisance in Clash Squad. However, there is no use getting mad at them. It only makes things worse for the whole team. The key point is to be cool, co-operate and back up your team to finish the enemies.

2. Try to strike first to get the upper hand

Unlike the battle royale mode that focuses on survival and playing passively, in Clash Squad, players need to be aggressive. Getting the drop on enemies can give your team a big advantage and sometimes even win the game outright. Try to move out as soon as possible and claim the vantage spots.

Clash Squad Random Players

Plan ahead and buy what you need immediately from the shop. Wasting time on it might slow your team down and allow enemies to get ahead.

3. Pick the right weapon

Clash Squad is mostly focused on close to medium-range combat, and because of that, shotguns, ARs and SMGs are the best choices in this mode. Below are the two easiest to use weapon combo - players can replace them with other guns of the same class if needed.

AR + SMG combo (FAMAS + MP5)

Best gun combos need to cover all ranges. This is probably the best combo to use if you have good aim. While hard to use, the FAMAS can be deadly in the right hands, as the burst fire mode is super effective against targets without helmets. It also has a crazy good effective range as well - enough to cover the whole Clash Squad map.

FAMAS in Free Fire

The MP5 is a cover weapon for situations in which you have to engage in close range. Its decent fire rate and range can also aid in finishing enemies that your first FAMAS burst fails to finish off.

SMG + Shotgun combo (UMP + M1014)

This is one of the easiest and most effective combos for new players to use, as the UMP and M1014 are as straightforward as they can get. Overall, the UMP has decent medium-range damage, along with a little bit of counter for armored targets.

UMP in Free Fire

The M1014 is extremely deadly in this mode, with most players not having armors or helmets early on. You can score a quick kill with one or two shots fairly easily in close range. The weakness of this combination is its effective range - you need to move around in a smart way and get close to enemies.

4. Proper character + pet combo

Free Fire BR mode has a huge roster of characters and pets that players must utilize, and it works the same way in Clash Squad. Picking the right skill combo is a must - especially the rusher skills of Hayato, Jota and Shirou. Antonio is especially useful in Clash squad, as players can spawn with 250 HP every round.

Free Fire Pets
Pet skills are just as important.

Picking the right pet is also a good idea, as a lot of pets like the Falcon become useless in Clash Squad. Players should stick with Rockie or Zasil if they don't know what to get.

5. Buy and use utilities

In Clash Squad, players need to pay money to buy grenades and utility items instead of just picking them up. This causes some players to forgo buying them and just save money for guns. This is a bad idea, as utility items like Gloo Walls can turn the tide of battle. Players can either put them up as a barrier to block gunfire or as a distraction to escape when things go south.

Gloo Wall Grenades
There are a lot of usages for Gloo Wall Grenades

This is why everyone should buy at least one Gloo grenade when going out. Normal grenades can also be useful but they are harder to use.

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