Ever since Chrono was nerfed heavily in OB31, Skyler has become one of the most used "meta" characters in Free Fire. He is now the core of most skill builds. However, with OB34's release, a lot of skills have changed, and some are more suitable to combo with Skyler than ever before.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 characters to combo with Skyler in Free Fire OB34.

1. Wolfrahh

  • With every additional kill: Damage taken from headshots decreases by 10%, up to 30%. Damage to enemies' limbs increases by 10%, up to 30%.

Wolfrahh is probably the biggest winner in Free Fire OB34. His skill gets buffed greatly and is much more consistent now. Players only need to get 3 kills for the full 30% bonus instead of a whopping 5/6 kills. Both the headshot reduction damage and limb bonus damage are useful, with the latter having the potential to protect players from any kind of instant headshots.

Wolfrahh's ability has finally become good again in OB34

In late game combats, having extra headshot damage reduction is really useful, especially when it stacks with the helmet's bonus. This is why players should pick Wolfrahh's ability to combo with Skyler.

2. Nikita

  • Reload speed increases by 24%. The final 6 bullets of the user's SMG will cause 20% more damage.

Nikita's ability has been buffed to work on all weapons, which makes the skill useful for sniper users. The extra damage is fairly situational, but SMG users can definitely make it work later on, especially in the last circle where the fights are in close range.

Nikita's skill is a must pick for sniper users that have high reload time.

This makes the skill combo well with Skyler, as players can just spray to destroy enemy gloo wall then unload the rest of the ammunition at them.

3. Nairi

  • Gloowalls deployed will recover 30% of current durability every 1s when damage is taken. Damage increased 35% when using ARs on Gloo Walls.

This skill works similar to Nikita, however, its effect only affects assault rifles. Upon Skyler's ability activation, players can follow up the attack with Nairi's skill and an AR to take down enemy walls immediately. The skill also makes the user's wall nearly indestructible, as it restores 30% HP per second.

Nairi's skill is very useful to counter Skyler, as it can heal back the damage from Skyler's skill pretty fast.

Nairi's ability would be even more effective when combined with the pets that increase Gloo Walls' HP.

4. Hayato Awaken

  • Reduce frontal damage by 3.5% for every 10% of max HP loss. When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 10.0% armor penetration. 

Hayato's passive is a general use skill that players should take when they can't think of anything else. It just adds the two most valuable attributes in Free Fire: damage and damage reduction. These bonuses are useful in most if not all circumstances, therefore having a maxed Hayato is a must.

This ability is super useful on pretty much all builds and should be maxed ASAP.

5. Andrew Awaken

  • Vest durability loss decreased by 12%. Armor damage reduction boosted by 11%. Additional 15% damage reduction from every teammate carrying this skill.

Due to its ability to stack in a party of 4, Andrew's awaken skill is one of the most common picks in squad mode. If players can get more than one person in their team to use Andrew Awaken, it can be a perfect passive to complement Skyler's active skill. The ability is not that strong in solo mode, however.

Awaken Andrew Free Fire
If players are going as a team, try to get everyone to equip this.

6. Jota

  • When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user, knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP for the user.

Jota's ability give players a decent edge in aim duel, as they get some HP back when hitting enemies. This bonus works even better when players use a powerful weapon such as a sniper rifle, as the HP gain after each hit would be higher. This skill works decently well with the regeneration component of Skyler's ability, allowing players to regenerate a decent amount of their HP while fighting.

Jota Free Fire
Jota used to be very situational.

7. Leon

  • Recovers 30 HP after surviving a combat.

Leon's ability is a super versatile passive that regenerates HP without any limit whatsoever. The critical part about this skill is probably its levels - the heal amount increases greatly from level 1 to level 6. While 30HP is a very small amount, it stacks up over time in longer fights. The activation time seems to be 3 seconds. You only need to duck away from combat for a moment for Buzzer Beater to trigger.

Free Fire Leon
Leon's skill is very easy to use.

This synergizes pretty well with Gloo walls and Skyler's regeneration. Players can just create their own wall and use it as a cover to regenerate some HP.

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