Nothing is more frustrated than getting killed in Free Fire when you just enter the game. Yet, it can happen very often since 49 players are trying to take you down by any means. You can increase your chance of surviving significantly and making it to the final circle if you can follow these tips below.

1. Land in a faraway spot

If you choose a landing spot far away from the plane path, there is a high chance that you will be the only player there. That means you will be totally safe to loot the whole place without being worried about anything.

Of course, there is a high chance that you will be far away from the first circle but all you have to do is just move a little bit earlier than usual.

2. Spot nearby enemies while landing

While you are parachuting, you can look around to see if there are enemies nearby. You can then guess their general location and be aware if they are trying to push. You can also opt to push and catch them by surprise but it is a risky move.

Free Fire Parachuting
You can take a look around while parachuting in Free Fire.

3. Try to grab any weapon immediately

If there are many enemies in your location, your first priority is to grab any weapon immediately to defend yourself. After that, secure a house or building and start slowly from there.

4. Avoid fighting early

Rushing in Free Fire can be super fun but it will put you at a lot of risks, especially in the early game. Unless you are sure that you have a good chance to finish an enemy quickly don't do it. Your gun sound will also attract other players nearby so make sure you move as soon as possible.

Rush With Teammates
You should rush with teammates if you really want to fight.

5. Go with your teammates

If you are playing Duo or Squad, it is really important to stay close to your teammates. This way, you will less likely to die since you have a backup from your team. You will also be able to get kills much easier.

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