Call of Duty Mobile has done a pretty good job in replacing PUBG Mobile in the Indian market, with 65 percent of PUBG Mobile players migrated. There are a lot of differences between the two games... and Scorestreaks might be the biggest one yet.

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In this article, we would explain more about the Scorestreak system in Call of Duty Mobile 2020 and the 5 most powerful amongst them. These killstreaks are essentially a "win more" type of weapon - players who are ahead would be able to get even further beyond.

1 - Hunter Killer Drone

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The Hunter Killer drone is still the most favorite scorestreak in the game, despite the fact that it is the first one you acquired. Overall, the drone is pretty easy to be activated - it requires only a 500 streak, just a little more than the UAV at 400 and Molotov at 300.

The Hunter Killer deals decent damage and has great accuracy - it is a great example of the "overpowered default weapon" trope in gaming. A great choice to build up an even bigger streak.

2 - Airdrop

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On usage, a package contains a random scorestreak would be dropped. With a score requirement of only 550, the Airdrop has high potential to provide you with much more value than the points you spent. Even a low-level player would be able to get their hands on a powerful scorestreak if they are lucky with the Airdrop.

3 - Predator Missile

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The Predator Missile would be unlocked with 700 points in Scorestreaks - it is amongst the first streaks available to the player. After activation, players would get a first-person view of the missile as it slowly homing in on the target and explode. This missile carries cluster bombs with a great area of effect - try to aim for groups to deal the maximum damage possible.

While in FPP, enemies are highlighted in red while allies are green.

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4 - Sentry Gun

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This is a rather high-level scorestreak - you can only unlock it after reaching level 38. Its cost is not low either - you would need 800 points to unlock the thing, however, it is definitely worth it. True to its name, the Sentry Gun is an automated turret with the ability to cover the area of deployment with overwhelming firepower.

It is more than enough to overwhelm more than one player - it is best to use this gun in chokepoints, as you can even hold off the whole enemy team that way.

5 - VTOL


The VTOL is probably one of the most expensive weapons in the game - it costs a whopping 1600 points, significantly more than the SAM Turret and the Stealth Chopper, at 850 and 1000 respectively. Players rain down deadly firepower from the sky using the VTOL - true to its cost of 1600, it is the most damaging scorestreak in the game.

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