After PUBG Mobile getting kicked out of India, it is probably time for Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire to prove their quality. To answer the question of "which game is better?", checking out and comparing their weapon arsenal is actually a pretty good idea, as they are the core gameplay - what players use in every match.


In this article, we would analyze the weapon arsenal of both games to see which game has the better weapon system.

1 - Assault Rifles Category

This category is pretty much the same in both games. While the Assault category in Call of Duty has only Assault rifles and nothing else, Free Fire incorporated DMRs along with a few LMGs like the M60 and M249 into the same Assault Rifle category. Overall, Call of Duty is more focused on realism and how these guns actually are in real life... while Free Fire is more focused on functionality - as long as they work in medium range, they are assault rifles.


2 - Call of Duty Mobile has a much more robust LMG category

While the two LMG in Free Fire doesn't have their own group, Call of Duty Mobile has 5 weapons in their LMG category: S36, UL736, RPD, M4LMG, and Chopper. They might sound unfamiliar - Call of Duty Mobile's guns are all based on modern real-life guns with changed names.


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3 - Sniper Rifles / Marksman category

This category is about the same in both games... however, for some reason, the Kar98k get pushed into its own separate group called "Marksman" in Call of Duty Mobile. While Free Fire has only 3 sniper rifles, Call of Duty has a lot of them - and they are all in modern style.


4 - Launcher

The three launchers in Free Fire are in the Others category - while Call of Duty Mobile has a separate category for them.


5 - SMG and Shotguns

Call of Duty has a wider range of weapons in these 2 weapon classes. While Free Fire boasts a formidable 7 SMGs, Call of Duty Mobile has 11. In the shotgun group, Free Fire has only 3 while Call of Duty has 6.


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6 - Pistol

This is probably the only category that Free Fire managed to beat Call of Duty Mobile at. There are only 2 pistols in CoD while Free Fire has 7.


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