With PUBG Mobile's server finally getting shut down in India, it is probably time to migrate to some other games - as waiting for it to come back is very unrealistic. In this article, we would list out the top 4 best candidates with similar gameplay to replace PUBG Mobile.

1 - Free Fire

It is pretty obvious that when number one gets removed, the second position would rise up and replace it. This is happening in the Indian market, with a lot of streamers and YouTubers switching to Free Fire.

Free Fire Ultrasonic Rave

Free Fire is like a smaller version of PUBG with only half the number of players per match, which leads to shorter and faster matches. Free Fire players have a great deal of customization, much more than PUBG, due to the skill system and the weapon skins that give bonus stats.

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2 - Fortnite

While Fortnite is not nearly as popular as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire in India, it has fairly low system requirements... and any device that could run PUBG Mobile would be able to run Fortnite. The main draw of Fortnite is its "build system", in which players would acquire resources from the environment and try to build structures while fighting each other in a battle royale.

Fortnite Pubg Mobile Lite

Fortnite also has an array of various creative events that would put a twist into the way people play the game - the map could be flooded in one patch then drain dry the next - with completely different terrains and mechanics. You can play cross-platform in Fortnite as well, with mobile and PC players using the same account and server.

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3 - Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the opposite of Free Fire and Fortnite - it is much more complex and has a lot of extra mechanics that you must play a lot to understand. It has multiple classes each with their own ability, a huge array of weapons (biggest amongst all mobile FPS), killstreaks (huge weapons that unlock after you score a certain number of kills)...

Call Of Duty Mobile

However, the game is not focused enough on the Battle Royale mode - there is only one map and people usually prefer the normal Deathmatch or Classic (Bomb Defusal) mode. If you want to play Battle Royale, Call of Duty Mobile is not the best choice.

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While PUBG Mobile is banned, PUBG PC is untouched in India... and nothing is as similar to PUBG Mobile as itself. The gameplay of the two versions are mostly identical - except on PC, combat would be much harder, as there are extremely good players with the ability to headshot you every single time.

Pubg Pc Update 5 1 8d84_wm

PUBG PC's weakness is its high graphics requirements - you would need a mid to high tier PC to run it.


Overall, if you are into fantasy-style gameplay, with characters and skills, pick the first two games... On the other hand, if you like realistic settings, CoD Mobile and PUBG PC would be your best bet.

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