Almost 2 months ago, on September 2, 2020, the Government of India imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile, the most popular Chinese-based mobile game in India, after the border clash with China. The reason behind the ban was the threat against national security... as the game is developed by a Chinese company and all Chinese companies have to follow the Chinese government's direction.

About the PUBG Mobile Server Closure

However, the previous ban was not complete - the game was only removed from the Indian Google Play Store and AppStore. People who use Android phones or emulators are still able to update and play the game.

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The government of India is completely aware of this fact... and after 2 months of limbo, they have finally brought down the hammer and break the last remnant of PUBG Mobile in the country. All servers of PUBG Mobile and its Lite version in India are going to close down today.

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Is there any way to circumvent this?

It is possible if you are willing to use a VPN and connect to other global servers of PUBG Mobile, you would be able to play the game. However, due to the lack of local servers, the ping would be very high, result in an unsatisfying game experience.

The System requirements of PUBG PC is pretty high

PUBG PC could serve as a replacement if you have a decent gaming computer, as the games are pretty much identical.

Is there any hope for the future?

Right after PUBG Mobile get banned from the country, PUBG Corp pulled out from their partnership with Tencent and try to make a comeback in India. However, this is probably in vain, as Tencent still owns the company and all money made from the game would come back to Tencent.

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They have definitely tried a lot of other solutions... like teaming up with Reliance Jio or open a new Indian Office. It remains to be seen if these acts are going to be effective.

Final Thoughts

With the final shutdown of the server, it is probably time to migrate to other games like Free Fire or even FAU-G (which is going to release next month). Interested in more of our articles about mobile games? Please check out this post to see if your phone could run Genshin Impact.