PUBG Mobile has brought the Infection Mode back to the game last week again to celebrate Halloween. Today, we will give you some of the best tips for you to win this mode

12 players will play this mode on a small map. At the start of the match, 3 random players will be turned into zombies to infect all other players (Defenders). Zombie players will respawn endlessly, but if other players can last until 3 minutes is up then they will win.

Tips for Defenders

At the start of a round, you need to get to choke points of the map quickly to defend before zombies appear. Avoid places with many people because one of them might turn into zombies. Stick with other Defenders at choke points to stop zombies from reaching. Zombies will be slowed down if they got shot. You should always aim for the head to kill them as quickly as possible.

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Make use of choke points to defend your position against zombies

When there are only 3 Defenders left, they will turn into Vanquishers, powerful warriors with a lot of HP and a powerful melee attack. Zombies killed by Vanquishers will not respawn. Try to move in an unpredictable moving pattern because zombies run faster than Vanquishers.

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Vanquishers have a lot more HP and a powerful AOE attack

Tips for Zombies

In the early game, try to aim for Defenders who aren't in positions yet to increase the zombie count. Always go together with several zombies to have a high chance of infecting Defenders. try to find a way to flank on the side instead of going directly into a choke point.

Find boosters around the map to evolve into a Zombie King, a strong Zombie that can increase the defense of zombies around him.

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Find Boosters to evolve into a Zombie King, a strong Zombie that can increase the defense of zombies around him

When 3 Vanquishers appear, you need to work with other zombies to cornered them. Be careful of Vanquishers's skill because it can deal a lot of damage in an AOE. As a zombie, you can run out into the blue zone to eat boosters or to plank Vanquishers. In the end, it is all comes down to your melee fighting skill to kill Vanquishers.

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