PUBG Mobile just introduces the New Era update last month with Erangel 2.0 and all the new features that make PUBG Mobile more realistic. Now the 1.1 update  "Metro Royale" is has arrived at the beta test server with even more cool stuff. Let's check out what is in the next update in PUBG Mobile with us below.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale details

PUBG Mobile's next update will be called Metro Royale. The theme of the main lobby will be changed to the theme of the event with a big Metro Royale button on the top left of the screen.

Pubg Mobile Metro Royale Mode V1 1 Beta Is Out Fly

The Metro Royale mode will be played on Erangel, but not in the usual way. Erangel will be split into many small parts that you need to unlock. Also, the name of places and buildings will all be changed. Players can bring a loadout into the game and will contain weapons, First Aid Kits, attachments, Bandage, and boosters.

Pubg Mobile Metro Royale Mode V1 1 Beta Is Out Fly
Erangel will be split into many parts with different names and buildings that you have to unlock

There will be new equipment as well as new challenges such as monsters, bandits, and maybe even a dragon as well.

Pubg Mobile Metro Royale Mode V1 1 Beta Is Out Fly
Beta testers even spot a dragon flying in this mode

There will be even a Black Market where players can buy exclusive items for the Metro Royale mode. You can read the details of the patch note about this mode below.

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The patch note of the 1.1 updates Metro Royale of PUBG Mobile

It is possible that this mode is the result of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and METRO Exodus that PUBG Mobile teased in August. That means this mode should be coming to the game quite soon, possibly next month.

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