Maybe COD Mobile is the most notable challenger of PUBG Mobile for the moment, considering that it’s more than just a typical shooter game made for smartphones you might have come across.

Similar to various versions in the renowned line-up ‘Call of Duty’, COD Mobile does provide players with some Scorestreak tools that help them turn the tide of fast-paced matches in one way or another. With them, players can get more information about enemy locations, place an automated sentry turret, or even call in a helicopter to team up with them.

Nuke Cod Mobile
Nuke is the ultimate weapon in COD Mobile's multiplayer mode.

Obviously, they come at a cost. COD Mobile players need to earn them based on specific requirements. Some are ready-to-use from the beginning while others ask them to reach certain levels in advance. In addition to this, unlocking the rewards can be done by completing events or just making an in-game purchase as usual.

Hunter Killer Drone Cod Mobile
Some Scorestreaks are ready-to-use from the beginning while others ask them to reach certain levels in advance.

Because many players can’t help wondering how to redeem such powerful gadgets or Scorestreak loadouts, we’re here to shed light on them as well as the way to get ‘em all.

The list given below will flick through some Scorestreaks along with corresponding details:

Shield Turret (300) Can be deployed on most surfaces. Any Level
UAV (400) Reveal enemy locations on the mini-map. Any Level
Shock RC (450) Detect nearby enemies and paralyzes them in a continuous electric shock. Any Level
Hunter Killer Drone (500) Call a Hunter Killer Drone to destroy enemies. Any Level
Care Package (550) Call in a care package containing one random Scorestreak. Unlocked at Level 5
Counter-UAV (600) Jam enemy reconnaissance by temporarily disabling the enemy minimap. Unlocked at Level 20
Predator Missile (700) A remote-controlled missile with a cluster bomb payload. Any Level
MQ-27 Dragonfire (750) Use a drone to detect and eliminate enemies + three infrared explosive probes. Any Level
Sentry Gun (800) Autonomously acquire and fire on enemy targets through thermal detection. Unlocked at Level 38
SAM Turret (850) Automatically lock onto any aircraft Scorestreaks and fires missiles to destroy them. Unlocked at Level 30
XS1 Goliath (900) Equip powerful armor and a minigun with limitless ammo. Any Level
Cluster Strike (950) Bear down continuous missile bombardment to a designated location. Any Level
Stealth Chopper (1000) Call in a stealth Helicopter, which is invisible on the enemy’s minimap. Unlocked at Level 44
Advanced UAV (1400) Orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the mini-map. Any Level
VTOL (1600) Call in a VTOL Gunship to provide close air support. Unlocks at Level 54
(Hidden) Nuclear Bomb Activates a nuclear bomb that wipes out the entire enemy team. Unlocked at Level 20 + a 20-man killstreak.