Call of Duty: Mobile season 3 adds the PP19 Bizon SMG in the game's weapon arsenal. To acquire this weapon, players have to reach tier 12 of the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass. But there's also a legendary blueprint for this gun, which has just arrived. If you already have the PP19, it's time to take the Legendary PP19 Bizon - Invocation as well from the new "The Order Draw" event.

This lucky draw event provides a chance for players to win many epic and legendary items, including the legendary PP19 Bizon. Another grand prize will be the epic Operator "High Priest of Chaos".

Let's check out what you need to know about the "The Order Draw" event in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Order Draw in COD Mobile Season 3


We cannot tell you for sure how much each item in the draw will cost. The prices depend on the server and the rarity of the item. The previous lucky draw in Call of Duty: Mobile included 10 items of different rarity. The cost of the first spin is fixed, but it will increase every time you make a new one.

The Order Draw Game
The prices for spinning will go up as you draw more!

However, once you get an item from the draw, it will be eliminated from the prize pool. So you actually have a better chance of winning the Grand Prizes, including the best legendary weapon.


Here are the items you can grab from the "The Order Draw" and their initial odds:

  • Parachute - Effigy: 29.00% (Epic item)
  • Wingsuit - Effigy: 28.00% (Epic item)
  • The Charm of Sacred Sigil: 11.00% (Legendary item)
  • Frag Grenade - Effigy: 10.00% (Epic item)
  • 'Sacrificial' Calling Card: 6.50% (Legendary item)
  • 'Unholy Attempt' Emote: 5.50% (Epic item)
  • J358 - Effigy: 4.67% (Epic item)
  • HG 40 - Effigy: 4.00% (Epic item)

Major Rewards

High Priest of Chaos: 1.25% (Epic Character)

High Priest Of Chaos Codm
Operator - High Priest of Chaos

PP19 Bizon - Invocation: 0.08% (Legendary weapon blueprint)

Pp19 Invocation
PP19 Bizon SMG - Invocation

The PP19 Bizon - Invocation will receive the following stats:

  • Damage: 41
  • Accuracy: 61 (-1)
  • Range: 58 (+6)
  • Fire rate: 65
  • Mobility: 109 (+7)
  • Control: 58 (-6)

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