Many people don't have all day to grind mobile games and only use it for entertainment during short breaks. After all, the purpose of games is to help people feel happier and relaxed. However, the most popular mobile games in the world at the moment are actually quite competitive and does not serve the purpose of relaxing for many people.

And so, today, we will introduce you to these 5 simple games for Android that will blow away all the stress you got from work and study.

1. Sky: Children of Light

Sky: Children of Light is an adventure game on Android, developed by Thatgamecompany.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Sky. Players can fly around the world using their magical cape and explore the Seven Realm to find lost stars and return them to their places.

Along the way, you will meet other players to make friends with them and complete the various tasks together.

The graphics of the game are vibrant and playful with soothing music. You can totally relax and immerse yourself in this beautiful world to lighten your mood.

2. Candy Crush

There is a reason why Candy Crush is still having millions of players downloading and playing the game every month. The gameplay is simple and very familiar to most players. The challenges are fun and not too hard so the game can be fun while it giving you more stress. You can drop in anytime and pick it up later on whenever you want for instant joy.

Candy Crush Saga Mang Lai 1 Ty Usd 2

3. Monument Valley

Monument Valley will set your soul free with a dreamy, beautiful world, where you guide a princess through mysterious monuments.

You will get to experience impossible architecture that was inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions, and palaces, and temples from around the world. It is also one of the games that you would want to put your headphone on to fully experience the beauty of this world.



GRIS is a puzzle platform-adventure game made by developer Nomada Studio. You will be playing a young girl who travels through a mysterious wasteland to experience the untold story of this world.


There is almost no text in the game and it helps players to, even more, enjoy the unreal art, sound of the world, and the emotions of the girl, which is the biggest strength of GRIS.

The puzzles in the game are playful, interesting while not being too hard so you can focus more on the story.

5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an award-winning RPG farming game. There is nothing more relaxing than growing your own farm and see it gradually getting bigger. You will get to grow various types of crops as well as animals such as chickens, horses,...

Stardew Valley Ipad

Stardew Valley is a peaceful place for players to have their dream farm and doing chilling activities such as fishing, cooking, growing crops,... You can even get married and start a family there.

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