After the India vs China conflict blown up with 1 Indian soldier died in the line of duty, the Indian Government has decided to retaliate by strike PUBG Mobile out from the country - with a new ban list aimed at all popular Chinese applications. Bypassing the ban with VPNs and the like is pretty risky - you could get banned by the system regardless, as a VPN is considered a 3rd party software. Therefore, it is probably time to move to a new game  - in this article, we would list out the 5 alternatives for PUBG Mobile.

1 - PUBG Mobile KR version

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Nothing is as similar to PUBG Mobile as itself

The easiest way to do this is just to create another account at another region in the world and play - India's ban was only aimed at the Global version of the game and not this specific version. You can download the APK file for this version at various sites on the internet like APK Pure for example. However, the ping would be pretty high - if you don't have a good internet connection, you are going to have a bad time. Your PUBG Mobile India account will not carry over so any progress you have made is lost.

2 - PUBG or PUBG Lite (PC)

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PUBG PC is a great choice if you can afford it

Well if you are craving the gameplay of PUBG and have a decent PC, maybe it is time to give the real PUBG a try. There is also a Lite version for PC, of course - if your PC is not up for the task, downloading the Lite version might be a good idea. You would be able to pretty much enjoy everything PUBG Mobile has to offer, at a much higher graphics quality - the game cost money on Steam, however, so prepare your wallet.

3 - Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile might get banned later

Another popular Mobile game - while it is not as popular as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire in India, it is still decent enough. The battle royale mode in CoD mobile is pretty different, with bosses wandering the place. The weakness of CoD Mobile is that it is also developed by Tencent and might get banned later.

4 - Free Fire

Screen 6
Free Fire is probably the biggest contender in this list, being the number 2 game right after PUBG Mobile in India

Free Fire, a SEA made battle royale, might be the best game for PUBG Mobile refugees to move to, as there is no chance for the game to be banned. The game deviates from the usual PUBG Mobile gameplay by quite a lot, however, with only 50 players on the map instead of the usual 100.

5 - Fortnite

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Fortnite has never been popular in India, but this might be its chance to shine

Fortnite, the most popular battle royale game in the world, has never been that popular in India. However, with PUBG Mobile getting struck down, this is a good chance for players to convert. Fortnite is arguably the best-optimized game on this list, with vibrant graphics and relatively unique gameplay of building and fighting. With the Mobile version having the same server as the PC version, you can play the game anywhere with only a single account.

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