Diamond is a type of currencies in Free Fire that can only be purchase with real money. You can use Diamonds to purchase all kinds of items in Free Fire. However, not all players have a lot of spare Diamonds to spend. That why most players have to consider very carefully before spending Diamonds in the game.

Here in this article, we will show you the 5 best ways to spend Diamonds in Free Fire.

Elite Pass

Elite Pass is the best purchase that you will have in Free Fire. The Elite Pass will offer various types of missions for players to complete and earn Badges to level up the Pass. You will get a reward each time you level up the Pass. The rewards in the Elite Pass are various from skins, bundles, golds, Magic Cube Fragments,...

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Each Elite Pass lasts for one month. After that, it will be replaced with a new Elite Pass with new rewards.


Character is one of the most important parts in Free Fire as they have abilities that will make you stronger in combats. While some characters can be purchased with golds, most of the best characters in Free Fire can only be purchased with Diamonds in the shop.

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Gun Crates and Boxes

Along with the character system, weapon skin is another thing that makes Free Fire stand out from other titles. Weapon skins in Free Fire will make the weapons stronger, making them must-have items if you want to win against other players.

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Pets also have skills that support you in combat, while not as much as a character's ability, they are really helpful. Some will even make a great combo with the right character. Pets are definitely one of the best investments you can make using Diamonds in Free Fire.

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Free Fire releases new events frequently and a lot of them offer players items, including bundles, pets, and characters for a discount price. Those are the best time to spend your Diamonds to get the items you want in Free Fire.

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