As we all know, shotguns are the kings when it comes to close-range confrontations in Free Fire. With only one or two precise shots and you will be able to take down your opponent.

That being said other players are not dummy who just stands still for you to take their life without a fight. After all, even the most powerful weapon needs to be in the hand of the right person in order to reach its full potential.

So today, we are going to give you 5 important tips to master shotguns and shred any unlucky player who bumps into you.

1. Be Sensitive

In close-range combats, it is all about who can react faster and make a quick turn to shot first. That why you need to raise your sensitivity as high as possible, preferably 100. Of course, if you feel like you can do better with a bit lower sensitivity then it is totally fine.

2. Raise Your Sight

I have mentioned this technique several times already. By raising your sight, you will be able to hit headshots easily.

But shotguns are not the same as automatic guns. So how can you raise your sight while using shotguns?

5 Game Changing Shotgun Tips M1887 M1014 Free Fire
Raise your sight quickly then shoot to get an easy headshot

It is quite simple actually. Keep your sight under your opponent and when you are close to them raise you sight up really fast and then shoot. That how you will get a perfect headshot with shotguns easily.

3. Quick Weapon Switch

Go to Settings -> Control in Free Fire to enable Quick Weapon Switch. After enabling it, you will see the Quick Weapon Switch on your screen. It is always better to switch your weapon during a fight rather than reloading your current one and this button allows you to do that easily.

To change your weapon fast, try to run, jump and then change your weapon.

5 Game Changing Shotgun Tips M1887 M1014 Free Fire
Being able to switch your weapon quickly will help a lot in combats

4. Don't Attack During Reload

One deadly weakness of shotguns is the super long reloading time so make sure all your guns are fully loaded before jumping into a fight because you will be completely vulnerable while reloading your shotgun.

5. Use a Gloo Wall

Use a Gloo Wall after your shot to protect yourself after the first shot and then go at your opponent again by going around to finish them off with the second shot. If you don't have a Gloo Wall, change to your melee weapon and start running.

5 Game Changing Shotgun Tips M1887 M1014 Free Fire
Use a Gloo Wall to protect yourself after the first attack

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