PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode tips and tricks are crucial elements for you to survive and get Chicken Dinner in this hardcore game mode. This new game mode is also called the Cold Front Survival mode. It’s available in the PlayLab section. Let’s check out how to play and win arctic mode PUBG here with

About PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Arctic mode or Cold Front Survival mode is a new hardcore mode in PUBG Mobile. In this Playlab game mode, you do not only fight against other players but also try to survive in harsh extreme cold weather. Players have to rush in to the playing zone, stay warm when the freezer is on, and avoid being killed by enemies. So, it’s really hard to survive and win Chicken Dinner.

The system gives you some extra supplies in extreme cold mode than in the classic match. For example, you will see a lot of branches spawned across the map to start the fire and keep you warm. You also pick up many warm pack to use and reduce the damage you take from the freezing weather. Besides, there are some heaters that can keep your squad warm when moving outside buildings in freezing weather.

Pubg Mobile Arctic Mode
PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode is a new hardcore mode in the Playlab section.

The Cold Front matches take place on the snowy and iced map, Vikendi. You can only play this game mode from the third-person perspectives. In addition, it’s only available for squad mode. You cannot play it in solo or duo game modes.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Tips And Tricks

Frankly, this new hardcore mode is really difficult with a lot of threats and dangers around you, including enemies, harsh weather condition, and electric zone. You need a good teamwork and some tips to survive and win every match in Arctic Mode. Here are some PUBG arctic mode tips that you should keep in mind before landing on the harsh Vikendi.

Tips To Stay Warm In Freezing Weather

There are several way to stay warm when the weather is extremely cold. If you are outside the building without warm packs and a heater, you will take damage till being knocked and killed. The damage you take from the harsh weather is greater than the first or second electric zone. So, your HP will decrease very fast.

Collect Branches Warm Packs Drone And Heater To Su
Collect branches, warm packs, drone, and heater to survive in harsh weather

The first way to stay warm is entering a building to start a fire. You cannot start the fire while running outsides. If you cannot reach a building right away when the freezing mode is on, you should use the warm pack to reduce the damage from the cold weather. Then, rush into a house and start the fire. Add the branches you collect before to maintain the fire.

You Can Find A Loot Box With Lots Of Supplies On T
New Arctic mode brings players a lot of interesting features

The fire can unveil your position on the map. So, you should leave your position a few seconds before the freezing mode ends. In this case, you need a heater to keep you and your teammate warm when you are outsides. Your team must stay inside the warm area of the heater. But you need to keep an eye on the health of the heater. Make sure that it can light until the cold mode ends.

Kill Chicken For Meat And Roast The Meat

There are any blocks of chicken roaming out on the map. First aid kits and medkits are rarer in this harsh Vikendi map. So, you need another source of HP to heal. You can kill some chicken, collect the meat, and roast the meat to eat during the cold mode. It’s one of the best tips on how to play PUBG arctic mode that many players ignore. Eating chicken meat can help you heal your HP and keep you warm.

Roast And Eat Chicken Meat To Heal Your Hp
You can find a loot box with lots of supplies on the map

Collect Consumables

As mentioned above, warm packs and heaters will keep us warm in cold mode. Sometimes, you cannot enter the building to start a fire before the freezing mode starts, you need to use a heaters. When applying warm packs, you can only reduce the damage you take from the harsh weather. It’s better to have a heater. But this item is much rarer than warm packs. So, let’s collect as many warm packs as possible. You can find heaters in the loot boxes on some high-risk places across the map. Collecting consumables is one of the top must-know PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode tips and tricks you need to keep in mind.

You Can Find A Loot Box With Lots Of Supplies On T
You can find a loot box with lots of supplies on the map

Slide To Move Around

This arctic mode lets you use the skiing board to move on the map when you are on the iced land. You should use this means of transportation to move around. It makes less noise and does not unveil your location to the enemies. Moreover, you can slide to other places as fast as you are driving a vehicle. But it’s more silent than trucks, cars, and motorbike.

Skiing When You Are On The Snow
Skiing When You Are On The Snow

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Tips And Tricks For Drone

You should make use of all items on this mode, one of which is the drone. You can drive the drone to scout the surrounding area. But you also need some tips to use it wisely.

  • Start the drone at a safe place. When you are using drone, you cannot hear the enemies and use weapons.
  • Ask your teammates for cover because you are more vulnerable to be killed when driving the drone.
  • You can drive the drone to kill enemies or lift a car as long as you master your driving skills.
  • Keep an eye at the health of the drone and collect a new drone if your drone is out of energy.
Fly Cars And Yourself In Pubg Mobile Arctic Mode W
You can fly a car with drones in PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

These are some amazing PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode tips and tricks that you should know to win more chicken dinner. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips for gamers, let’s visit our website.